first time grower, needing help with discolored leaves

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am i having PH problem?

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  1. Hello you guys :)

    this is my first grow. im 2 weeks into flowering, started realy realy bad... had bad lightning, bad air circulation, i buried the seeds way too deep, i had to unbury them and hope for already yellowed and dying first 2 leaves, to get back to life. they did, all of them! <3 :D

    feeding with nutes "as i feel like" i am very much suspicious about PH not being right, plus the roots had been thru hell first 2 weeks of germination/vegging due to overwatering and being put straight into big pots.

    now to the point. i got pics in here. one shows my smallest untrained girl, that is doing the best so far. however she showed a signs of "clawing" + these spots on the laves that are spreading pretty quick. spotted them 2 days ago, it was almost invisible, now they're spreading fast and also onto opossite fan leaf.

    i am using ATA nutes, using less than suggested feeding, cause they're smaller than they should be. at least thats what i'm guessing due to my aboust failure in their first 2 weeks. (hey what a surprise! hmmm...)
    im exactly 14days after switching to 12/12. the buds are quiet small, due to light being too close, so i udnerstood they didnt wanna grow upwards, but maan they're dense as hell! i would not like to lose them, particularily this little one with the biggest cola. the rest are doign ok, sort of, excepct somre real strange curving in some of the leaves, wich some of you might clarify for me.
    i just ordered PH meter with PH solution to calibrate it, however i didn't get ph up(wisch is my main guess why this discoloring is happening - too much acidity)

    could i possibly use the PH 7 solution for calibrating the ph meter, as a ph stabilisator itself? :D

    there has also been a very bright green/yellow sugar leaves around the first grown buds, it has settled down now. but for future growth - why is that? as i mentioned above, i do feed them as i feel is right, so.... :D - could be seen in the last picture.

    thanks for possible replies guys.. hope u're about to have a great weekend all of you who came today...came across... 2019-06-21 10.20.30.jpg

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  2. What strain are you using and are they Autos?

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  3. Do not use the ph 7 calibration solution as a PH adjustor. I'm not a soil grower myself, but I think you may need to actually ammend the soil to raise the PH rather than just pouring in water with a higher PH as low ppm water won't actually hold it's PH when it comes into contact with higher ppms. First things first, if you suspect PH may be off, you can either get a digital PH soil meter or you can get a soil PH test kit from almost any Lowes or Home Depot. Either or will work. Let us know what the PH comes back to and we will go from there. :) Also, the only bad effect you should have from your LED being too close is light bleaching and heat stress. You don't have to worry about the bud not wanting to stretch towards the light, if anything you don't want it stretching. Buds will still grow just as heavy, if not heavier, with the light closer (but not so close that it creates high temps or light bleaching of course).
  4. nah they're photos.... they're tiny, cause i was suppose to move out, so i switched to 12/12 right after i was misinformed about the situation. at the end, i'm staying at the present place and will continue growing with AC unit and better airflow overall..

    these are "big nugs fast"
    for next grow i got auto purple kush CBD 1:1 and auto northern lights. gonna plant 1each, 2 in total, instead of having tent packed with 4 little ones, im planning on having 2 bigger ones, especialy these months, when it's getting hotter and temp is getting slightly out of control and i need to fit in small AC unit...
  5. upload_2019-6-21_21-20-46.png

    sorry i missed the first question - i am using soil, 1x 270w LED, little clip-on fan inside, bigger fun outside blowing towards the little window at the bottom of the tent and 1 exhaust fan. thats pretty much all my gear. nutes are ATA, or Atami = dutch brand, should be good one.

    my next grow i will most likely go for coco instead of soil, and use amendmends and all that "Mr.Cunucks grow" suggests... also i'll use 2nd clip-on fan on the opposite of the tent for optimal air circulatiion and as metnioned above i'll get little AC unit to keep girls and my mind in absoult peace.
  6. yea man, i'm aware of the bleaching and temps, it acutaly happend on one of my plants, i saw the burn on the edge of the top leave, every single cornec of the leaf was burnt and curled up. just one and the top one, so it was obvious.... honestly i forgot to adjust light after about 2weeks, when they started growing realy fast in 12/12. so it was more of a not thinging mistake, than purposedly having it as low as possible.. i adjusted the height from 12" to around 15" and they seem to be alright now. temps are getting around 30, as the tent is relatively tiny and i do need a little AC unit, as theyre in tent wich is placed inside in-built wardrobe(SHHHHHHH, you hear nothing.....)

    ye that makes sense, unfortuantely.. LOL.
    i've ordered PH meter. should be here by tomorrow, or monday. i relay hope for tomorrow, as this is my watering schedule, but if it ain't coming, i'm just gonna continoue at feeding half-dosage instead of full, as all the bottles says 5.5-5.8PH and that is hella acidic. my tap water is around 7, i dont know how much of a effect does the 8ml of nutes have on adjusting the PH in 2liters of tap water, but i think it is getting to low 6. this is what im using, 2 liters for 4 plants, 500ml each. watering every other day. they seem happy this way.
    i might need to figure out the EC and ppm too... but at the moment i cant afford any more equipment. gotta wait till next week. :D
  7. You should be ok for the time being with just a PH meter...if you're not able to check and adjust the PH of the water when you do give nutrients, that could very well be your problem, but it's hard to say really. 8ml/Gallon will bring the PH down pretty low I'd say. But I hear you, I still feel like a novice myself even after 5 years haha. If you're in a bind waiting for your PH meter, you could always pick up one of the cheap-o soil PH test kits from Lowes or Home Depot (if those stores are available where you live), they can be tough because you have to match the color with the PH chart that comes with them, but they get the job done!
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  8. galon is 4.3liters if im not mistaken.. therefore im using half a gallon. so it seems like a big no go after reading your comment.. yea no wonder they do suffer slight deficencies, especialy the "little one" with biggest buds lol.

    i'm gonna ease down on feeding, as the soil must be already packed enough for now, what i'll do today - i'll water them as per usual, just i will only use the bloom enhancer, wich says "nice and sweet taste ensured" so it points out it is more on alkaline side of the spectrum oppose to the 5.5-5.8 that is indicated in my other nutes. and i will drop in 0.5ml of basic soil nutes, just to make sure i do not actualy starve them. - just in case.

    i suspect the PH meter to arrive tomorrow, as ebay alerted me about item has been posted. once it's delivered i'll try to make a classic mixture of nutes i was feeding them with, to check how much PH i was pouring onto the soil.

    Thanks alot, bud. you kind of confirmed what i thought i was doing wrong. (y)
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  9. hello guys, i'm back and am few days before harvest, i flushed them with PH'd water throughout and about to feed them just water until they're ready....

    i'm asking - is this "burn" normal at the end, or am i missing something?
    the bottoms are going yellow and drying out, that's where i do not see the problem, i'm more worried about the burnt leaves at the middle of the plants... is this normal too, considering they're just moments from harvesting?
    2019-07-19 04.40.42.jpg 2019-07-19 04.40.50.jpg 2019-07-19 04.42.42.jpg 2019-07-19 04.45.26.jpg
  10. Looks alright your almost done those leaves will eventually die off and get cut off anyways.. ive seen much worse u should be good
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  11. Yeah buddy totally normal. Some nutrient deficiencies will mimick a nutrient burn in that the leaf tips become scorched, dry and brittle working it's way inwards. Nothing to worry about, and well done on your grow!

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