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first time grower - lemon kush

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by vod, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. first off i'd like to thank everyone at this site, this is my first time posting but i've read the site for a lot of months trying to absorb all the knowledge everyone has shared, it has been extremely helpful. so unto my grow...

    i got some lemon kush seed earlier last month from a good seed bank i read off GC, i gathered up all the materials i needed over the course of the month and got them germinated and planted 4 of them on November 30th. i used fox farm potting soil and haven't given them anything else except water, right now it seems to be like every 3 days they're thirsty again and i usually split a 24oz bottle of purified water between the 4 of them, i'm not sure if that is enough but anymore and it seems like it would drown them. the room seems to stay nicely at around 80 degrees, but i put in a fan because i added a couple more CFLs, all my CFLs over my plants right now are daylights which i read are good for vegging and then i read i should switch to the cools when flowering? i know CFLs aren't the greatest for growing. i have about 200 watts over them right now but have more to give them once i transplant them into a larger home. so hopefully i've given you guys enough info before my questions. i'm wondering how much longer i have to go before i should put these guys in a larger pot. another question is the one has some yellowing on it's tips but other then that the plant looks healthy, i can't tell if i should be worried or not. also i read different things about ferts and nutes, do you give them both to your plant or one or the other? i bought a PH tester called bluelab PH pen and it was pretty pricey but i'm wondering when i should start testing them. sorry for the long read if it was too much :bongin:

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    lookin' good so far! I would of started them out in smaller pots, but then agian, I really don't grow that much in soil. Don't worry about feeding them until the 3rd to fourth week in. Nutrients are fertilizers so pick which ever one you feel like using. I personally use GH hydro line (Bloom, Grow and Micro in the soil I do). It is uncommon, so I am sure you won't want to try this to begin with.

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