First time grower. How does it look so far?

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  1. Im in week 3 of flowering. Im not sure what it should look like. The plants all look healthy good green color and buds seem to be forming. It GDP.

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  2. They look great :)
  3. hope mine looks like that soon!
    im only 1 week into flower
  4. 3 weeks from when. 3 weeks ago you changed the lights over?

    If so, then I would look at them carefully.
    It's too blurry to tell for sure, but 3 weeks into flower and that much flowering activity is typical of hermie.
    those are definitely female white hairs I see, but that is a pretty big mass of white hairs for 3 weeks.
    could be your strain of plant.
  5. Yeah 3 weeks from when I flipped the lights to 12/12.
  6. I looked at the plants and from doing some research online they look to be females to me :)....Just this morning they are really getting sticky and smelling like bud :)
  7. Plants are looking real good, you are getting the kind of bud development you would expect for 3 weeks. What kind of lights are you flowering under?
  8. 3 HPS lights, 1000w, with 24 plants
  9. You are running 24 plants under 3000 watts total watts? This is your first grow?
  10. Lol yes it my dirst grow ever. Is that bad????
  11. This is why I'm starting to hate GC...don't know what your deal is, but you are not shooting straight.
  12. "This is why I'm starting to hate GC...don't know what your deal is, but you are not shooting straight."

    What does that mean? Not shooting straight?

  13. What does that mean? Not shooting straight?
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    Exactly what it says.

    Nobody does 24 plants under 2000 watts and makes em look like that 3 weeks into flowering on their first grow. You ain't shooting straight.

  15. Lol. I have 3000w. Seriously dude this is my first grow ever. I have never grown anything. Its on a ebb & flow system. I have read many books and Used advanced nurts. Which advanced nurts make it simple. I had to adjust their nurts number since I was getting some burn at first.

    I have no reason to lie. I promise this is my first grow.
  16. No need to attack him like that. It's not hard to mix nutes with water and set up a schedule and buy lighting.

    Anyone can do it. Growing isn't that hard.
  17. Yeah dude, what's your problem? Some people just get it right the first time? Don't hate pimpin.
  18. Thanks guys. Keep watching this post please. I will post more pics as I go futher into flowering :)
  19. This is 30 days into flowering. Sorry for the lines in the pics but the lights kicked on :)

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