First time grower...HElp!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Chinese Pumpkin, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. ok..everybody will probably be laughing and pointing at me but what would be the best way to get a basic set up in my closet......if the process is too long to describe, does someone have a link that could help me out...I know how you put 12 hours of light on, 12 hours of light off and stuff..but what's the easiest way to get set up?
  2. First open closet door....j/k

    What size closet is it,,what do you expect from it?What is meant exactly when you say "basic"...scratch your head on it a little...come on back...we will be here...

  3. Find you some plug and play fluoro lights at walmart. Minimum of 120 watts

    Also on your trip to Walmart. pick up a nice size flower pot, preferably a self watering pot. And some potting soil mix. Doesn't matter on the brand just remember if it comes pre fertilized

    pick up a timer and a fan also

    that should get you on your way....
  4. Well I have a little crawl space inside my closet..the only limitation would be the height, which is about 3 to foor feet. By basic, I ment the easiest way to set up. I got a few hallogen lights and a small fan. Where should I go from here?..Oh and I have 6 seeds
  5. "Plug n Play"....LMAO.....I like that...

  6. will hallogen lights do the trick?
  7. Plug-n-play, LOL,

    What I meant were the $10 fluoro that have a single tube, a cord, and a built in switch....

    Halogens are too hot and wrong spectrum, Right Indica?
  8. then off to wal mart I long should it begin to sprout?
  9. DO NOT ...use halogen lamps,,you will cook not grow...BPP has told you well....get flourescent lamps.

    I suggest reading back many of your questions may be answered by doing so....we will be here if you still get lost in it all .....

  10. I take it we are here

  11. Thanks guys...with your all knowing knowledge that you've shared with me, I think I should get on the right track...if anything goes wrong, I'll get back to you..thanks again

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