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  1. 19D16E3E-B205-4C5C-B82D-3E4794174CEA.jpeg 9081EABB-C371-4273-AD89-BC22256072D1.jpeg I started growing a marijuana plant about 4 weeks ago everything was ok until about a week and a half ago it started dyin from the bottom up, it seems like it stopped growing and the newest set of true leaves are yellowing and curling....PLEASE HELP WHAT COULD I BE DOING WRONG?
  2. There are many things that might cause this. First off, are you giving any type of nutes to the plant or just plain water? Also for a 4 weeks plant, it looks too small for me. Do you grow outside or inside?
  3. I’m growing it inside
    grow inside and I started off with plain water yesterday I added a lil bit of all purpose fertilizer to see if it would help It was growing perfectly then out of nowhere it started dying from the bottom up about a week ago it’s like it just stopped growing and started dying
  4. Well i'm thinking that you might burned the plant a little bit with the fertilizer you added..also my second thought is that the light you're using isn't very effective..have you grown a plant before with the same light(s) ?

    Also, have you transplanted the plant recently ?
  5. At first I was using an orange colored spectrum light then I switched to blue and nah this my first time growing and no I haven’t some people was just tellin me it was better to use blue colored lights in veg stage so I changed it from the orange colored one to this one and I literally just put a lil fertilizer in it yesterday it was dying before that and yea I transplanted it from a small clay pot to that I’m not near any garden stores or anything so I just used what was necessary I put holes in the bottom for water drainage
  6. I'm looking at the soil and seeing colored pellets.
    Do you know what those are?
  7. Then my conclusion is that you mistakenly burned it from feeding with fertilizer and maybe the transplant went wrong too..for example root damage so you probably shocked it to death :p We learn from our mistakes and by experience though, so since you're new to growing the sticky icky icky do some reading around the forum :) I don't grow indoors, never did actually. I go for the sun, i like more leaving nature do her thing.
  8. I added a lil bit of all purpose fertilizer yesterday to see if it would help the plants
  9. so if that’s the crazy thing when I transplanted I really didn’t see any roots
  10. It was more like a lil clump of dirt on the bottom of it not much roots tho they probably was in the little bit of dirt but with root damage if that is the case is there anyway to fix or is it over for her?
  11. I reckoned.
    This plant requires next to nothing for fertilizer.
    As a new seedling, it wants.... nothing!
    As well, you switched from a vegetative light to a blossoming light...
    and a transplant...
    Try letting it sit, alone, for a few days... it may start up, again.
    It may, also, be time to germinate a new seed...
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  12. Like tooslow says, give it some days to recover and if it gets healthy then you're good. If not.. then it's time to germinate some new seeds.
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  13. Will try and I’ll let you guys know if anything changes
    Thanks man frfr
  14. Will try thanks for takin time to help out I appreciate it I’ll let you guys know if anything changes in a couple days
  15. I hope not I didn’t really water it I watered it once since I transplanted it and that’s about it but I hope that this isn’t the case
  16. When you say left alone do that mean turn off the light I got on it? I know no more water or anything else but should I turn off the lighting for it to?
  17. No.
    It requires light. If you're not familiar with how to do that; ask.
    "Leave it alone" is my way of saying; don't water it, don't rotate it, don't sniff it, don't.....
    Leave it alone :)
  18. Thanks I appreciate the help honestly thanks man

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