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  1. On 3/8 I took a red solo cup and filled it with fox farm happy frog up to an inch under the top. I poured it out into a Tupperware bowl and mixed in water until the soil reached field capacity. The water is distilled. I loaded the soil into the solo cup with about a teaspoon of dynomyco spread throughout. I planted the seed about a quarter inch deep and lightly covered it. I placed a clear solo cup on top to create a humidity environment. I then moved it to a seedling heat mat and left undisturbed with the light off.
  2. put drain holes in the bottom and no need for dynomyco yet also distilled water is a bad idea to begin with other than that you should see heads popping in about a week if the seeds are viable
  4. watch that it doesnt dry out
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  5. Yeah I have four holes in the solo cup. The clear one on top is holding the humidity very well. No light on it yet, don't wanna fry it. I know the distilled water will cause a cal mag deficiency but it's so much better then my tap water and I have cal mag if it needs, which i know it will
  6. The soil looks great moisture wise. There's a ton of humidity in there. The clear solo cup on top is totally fogged up. Overall I am doing well with not drying out. The soil was brought to field capacity before I loaded the cups. I have been growing cubensis for 6 years so I know what proper moisture content of a substrate is all about.
  7. Be aware of the possibility of damping off from high humidity/wet soil.
  8. Please elaborate
  9. 1. Google "damping off cannabis"
    2. Read various content
  10. So the pythium is the only one that really worries me. The seed has not shown above the surface yet so I want to keep the humidity high as possible. I'm afraid of drying out to fast if I open it up to straight air. I have electric heat that makes the air inside the house super dry. In you honest opinion, would u take it off or leave it? I tossed around the idea of pasteurizing the soil before I planted but the happy frog has a blend of microbes in it and I didn't want to kill them. Have alot of experience in this area from growing mushrooms for so long
  11. This is from this morning when I turned the light on

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  12. Is color off on photo or is that a yellow sprout? Doesn't look good.
  13. 20230312_092151.jpg 16786273817581638238232043726256.jpg
  14. So they looked worse when I woke up. I put the dome back on last night and that's when it finally popped so I left it on over the night and honestly I don't think it liked that so I took it off and moved the cup to the right a little bit and now it's looking better
  15. I think it was on the road to trouble but I caught it quick enough cuz I been hawk eyeing it
  16. Soil might be too hot. I use seed starter mix in the top half of my starter pot, and the bottom half with happy frog.
  17. It's just straight happy frog
  18. I think next one is going to be happy frog cut with 30 percent perlite
  19. I would try something different next time. A seed starter mix has less nutrients, and therefore won't burn your sprout. You could mix it with some happy frog and rice hulls/perlite. Personally, I use rice hulls as they are cheap and I have a local supplier I try to support. The yellow could also be from being too wet.
  20. I really think it's cuz I domed it, then the light went off, then it got cold. So it was damp with a dome inhibiting airflow and no evaporation cause it was chilly with the light off and it just didn't like it at all. When I woke up I realized what was happening and corrected everything. Looks much better now than it did earlier

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