First time grower. Foliage yellowing at week 4. Please help

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  1. Hi all,

    Happy holidays.

    I was hoping for some help relating to my super lemon haze plant. She is in her 4th week of flowering and recently started yellowing. Could anyone help me in diagnosing my problem.

    Thanks in advance.

    Setup (Very Basic):
    Method - DWC
    Light - 450 Watts Vipaspectra
    Tent - 4 x 2
    Temp - 23c / 73f (day) - 18c / 64f (night)
    Ventilation - 230 CFM + 2 oscillating fan.
    Nutrients - Local cannabis brew. I have followed their instructions. Cal Mag supplement. Ph- 6.0

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  2. Too much nutrients. Always use half of the recommended dose.
  3. Your net needs to be wayyyyy lower too.
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    G'day there,
    You have a Potassium "K" deficiency for sure, these chart's will help you along.
    KRuFnY4-1022x1024.jpg rnYHUeY.jpg

    What is a "local cannabis" brew?
    A Witch's Potion/Custom Fertilizer.

    What are you actually feeding her, the NPK Value's?
  5. One of this things that makes me think it's not Potassium deficiency is because it's happening everywhere. Not starting from the bottom.

    I am using a 2 part solution. (Part 1 - 0-4-4) (part 2 - 2-0-0) 1:1 ratio.
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    It dont think it has to start from the bottom, what is happening is that you are in flowering. The plant is now wanting more Potassium "K" than your providing. Imo..

    Here is a little calculation of the NPK,
    For Flowering "Cannabis" need's less N and more P & K.
    A fruiting Tomato plant also need's less N, but it want's more P than K.

    The numbers look like this "say",
    Vegetation Cannabis = 25N:5P:8.8K
    Flowering Cannabis = 2N:10P:20K
    You want more (double) K than P.

    A Fruiting Tomato want's it backwards, as 2N:20P:10K. It like's more Phosphorus than Potassium (double) to the relation to P & K.

    All the best...
  7. Thanks your reply. I will get get some new solution in my system. Do you think it's too late for it to recover ?
  8. Just wait for someone else to agree, because i could be wrong & i dont want to mess your grow around.
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  9. Ye
    Yea i was going to say to much cal mag but im blind drunk sorrry
  10. Good diagnosis digga
  11. Does cal mag compete with potassium. Some elements will block others
  12. If your using to much cal mag you could get lockout. I've never bought a cal mag supplement ever.
  13. Yes I am using Cal Mag. I will flush my res and remove the Cal mag.
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  14. If you stop cal mag but keep doin everything else the same you will know in a couple days if it was the right move
  15. Thanks for the information. The problem has been apparent for 5 days and progressively getting worse each day. If the Cal Mag diagnosis is correct do you think this would have signification impact to my yield and do you think it can recover at this point?
  16. Good Morning, i dont see any Calcium or Magnesium deficiency in your leave's, you can still use your CalMag if you want & if needed.
    I would just add more "K" to the equation, im pretty sure it's just that.
  17. Take a normal pictures of the whole plant for us to see please...?

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