First time grower, couple questions?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by HungryHippoz, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I got a sprouter about 4"tall, I'm growing from bagseed and have a few questions..

    I got a cheap light on it right now and I am going to get a whole set up of HPS' in the future
    But untill then I'm just using this one I got, it gives off a sorta red glow but its a UV grow light.
    I was wondering if it would stunt the plant's growth in any way if I waited to get the good lights on it, or should I have HPS or CFLs on it the whole time? Also, would 2 or 3 100 to 200 watt spiral HPS light bulbs be good enough to last throughout the plant's life? It's winter and gets pretty cold where I live would it be a good idea to maybe get a winter blanket in there aswell?

    Thanks alot, I will keep everyone updated
  2. if your getting a hps set up thats awsome but you need that for flowering. you could pick up some cheap cfls for the veg cycle or some t5 fluorescent tubes. you want 6500k light temp for the veg cycle and 2700k for flowering which the hps will produce. i vegged mine under 4 14w t5 6500k lights. you will need more then that if you want a bigger plant thow
  3. you can do the veg cycle with HPS light if you wanted to, I have done it in the past and it worked just fine, but pinkbear is giving sound advise, personally I would not veg with anything under a 400W MH but that is just me.
  4. not true. I veg with an HPS light, and I grow MAMMOTH plants. Sure I'de like a MH instead of HPS, but HPS does wondersssss in veg

    -------------- TO the OP,

    im not 100% sure what u mean by spiral HPS lights. i would highly reccomend just getting one, powerful light with a hood and ballast. It's easiest to buy as a kit.

    a good 600w HPS system is around 200-300 dollars when bought as a kit, and I would highly reccomend getting the switchable ballasts, so you can interchange your HPS light and your MH light ... because as HPS still grows a plant wonderfully in vg, MH is better.
  5. So would two or three good hps lights be enough? or do you think i need more? I want to grow a real bushy plant..
  6. just one higher wattage one will work
  7. you only need one, do you know what an HPS light is? I have a feeling like when you said spiral light, you were talking about CFL's ... maybe im wrong.

    1 large high wattage HPS light will be sufficient.

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