first time grower...answers?!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cuntie, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. k so my friends and i decided to start growing. we got this good legit site to buy seeds from ( we havent bought them yet, but we will very shortly ) and first we're gonna get 2 10 packs of a kc33 x master kush mix and a feminized pure power plant. according to the website and several other resources, the ppp is an indoor plant ( we will grow this after we have experience with the kush ) and the master kush is an outdoor we were thinking of growing the kush indoor using whatever supplies we can get. the spot we have to do this is my garage attic. the only problems i forsee are ventilation and heat...because theirs no insulation between the roof and the attic so the hot summer sun may cause the room to be warmer than normal...however, its a fairly large space ( a triangle about 6 feet wide, 5 feet tall, and 12 feet deep ) so i think it will work well. anyways, here are the quetions:
    a) can i use regular fluorescent twisted bulbs and get decent results > we arent looking for high yield, and we have time so if it takes longer thats ok.
    b) can we get away with just using floor fans for all the ventilation
    c) is the use of pete moss really necessary
    d) can i get all the supplies from home depot ( lol. )
    e) if anyone has any suggestions as to good brands of ferts to use or good lights / fans we would appreciate it a lot. we jus wanna get into growing on a semi-low budget

    we appreciate all the help u may or may not give :)
  2. well first of all i think that a simple floor fan would work fine for ventilation, second of all if you want any decent results i wouldnt use those twisted fluro bulbs unless you were only going to grow one plant or if you used like 20 of them, the bigger fluro bulbs will work much nicer. And no pete moss is not really necessary it just helps and for the last question yes you should be able to find everything at home depot
  3. more thing came up...when i look on the home depot website...i cant find any ballasts for the hps bulbs...all i find are bulbs...i dont have that much money and can prolly only spend like $100 bux on lighting max (not including bulbs)...does anyone know any cheap lamp sets from trusted providers?

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