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  1. What's up all,

    This is my first grow an I'm about 3 weeks into flowering my girls, I know it's hard to tell by a pic but just wondered if anyone had any idea of what strain I'm looking at here as I have no idea!!!! also if any1 could tell me how their lookin for 3 week into flower that'd b good to just coz I've got nothing to compare to


    Oh if U need more pics to tell strain just let me know

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  2. Just some more pics.........

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  3. It'd be hard to tell what strain it is man...
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    Ok no worries, thanks for lookin tho
  5. yea its going to be almost impossible for any1 to tell the strain, but im sure some people will chime in with some thoughts on weather its indica/sativa or a mix, thats prob as close to the strain u can get really, also they look on track for 3 weeks flowering
  6. You can tell if the plant is sativa or, indica only....
    Sativas have narrow leaves and grow much taller than Indica's which have wider leaves.
    Would be impossible to tell the exact strain.....
  7. Ok cool, thanks for the help. Dnt even think I can tell the difference between sativa n indica, none of the plants are crazy tall and the leave r medium size loool
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    Yep your right

  9. Sounds like a self-diagnosed mix strain. Seems heavy indica for the leaves to look like that... I'll put a guess like 60/40 ind/sat
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    Thanks, sounds gd if ur right. You grown anything similar? I was just wondering if you could give me an idea of yeild I've got 7 pots in there
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    Lol ok cheers man, can you give me any idea of yield or is that hard to guess to? I've got 7 10ltr pots
  12. I'm starting to get some real small brown tips on a lot of my leaves, any help?????

    I know the pics dnt show alot but any help would be good, not sure if it too much or too little nutes? Using plagron coco nutes A 2ml an B 2ml pr ltr, and sugarpeak 1.5. Im 3 weeks into flower, think I should be using more nutes but not sure??????

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