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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by crazycanadian, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. so i have had a bit of experience with growing indoors and outdoors but it was a friend of mine who did all the work and i just watched what he did...anyways im moving to the states...and id like to do a sea of green method with one light since they are more nosy when it comes to the power bill...i wasthinking to pack 20 plants in probably and 8x8 space using 1.5 gallon buckets and one 1000 watt light...not sure what nutrients to use down in the states...since here i get them from the hydro store and they are all made in canada...if anyone could give me tips that would be great....also im planning to veg them (from germination time-till they grow tall enough for lights) for 2 wks and start flowering after that...thanks for the help! cheers!
  2. a 1000 w light will not cover an 8x8 area. you can cover about a 5x5 space with a single 1000W light. I would recommend looking into SCROG, not SOG. SOG was the shit back in the 80's but we have developed better grow techniques since then.

    given your numbers i would go for 6-8 plants under a 5'x5' screen using 5 gallon containers and 1000W light.
  3. 6x6 max. Nothing wrong with SoG, but I don't think it'll be of any help with your setup. With SoG you want to pack in as many plants as possible. You can SoG 20 plants in a 4x4 no problem. E&F works great for SoG too. For such a large space, natural grows or SCroG (like mentioned by the infamous bastard) would work better IMO.
  4. Sounds perfect to me, let them fill up the screen then flip them to flower.
  5. great thank you all so much for the helpful im gonna section off a 5x5 space in a room with white visqueen plastic and have it just stapled around to form the grow room out of a corner of the actual a bit confused on how to attach the screen...also i think im going to use big bud much could i be looking at for a potential yield out of 8 plants granted that i follow the steps correctly...thanks!

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