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  1. We have a bunch of random stuff growing right now. This is an experiment, we are using a super generic soil right now. We are about to transplant the larger plants into 10 gallon buckets with FFOF. We will also be adding additional side lighting, Ive already got an LED panel and we will be adding some more blue spectrum lights for the sides to promote better growth. As you can see from some of the pics we are experimenting with LST for our first grow. The largest plant in the photos, has a total of 13 colas and is no more than 2.5 feet tall at the max. The next 2 largest ones are P.P.P (Pure Power Plant) seeds from Nirvana. And all the other smaller ones are medicinal seeds. The largest plant seed came from a good dealer friend of mine :)

    Heres a few pics:

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  2. looking good :)
  3. Anymore comments on the photos guys? Or LST?
  4. Gonna have some updates here soon, probably on Monday. Any comments on my LST?
  5. Here is an update with a few more photos. We transplanted the largest plant into a larger pot obviously, and we are still doing the LST method with all of the plants. The largest plant is LST'd to the smaller pot, and to the larger pot. The picture shows the little pot the bottom cut off with it in the larger pot of soil.

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