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  1. Hey their guys im doing my forst indoor grow. im only doing a single plant for my first time. I pretty much have my soil base and plant food that im going to use. Im doing an auto flowering sweet cheese. Im just having a hard time trying to figure out my lighting system. I wanted to try and do something home made. Any help that any of you guys can give me would be awesome
  2. Go to homedepot get some fixtures and cfls. Get like 6500k and 2700k spectrum cfls and mix and match. Or, if you have money to spare, hps lights with some t5s to supplement
  3. I was thinking about just doing a single 2ft 4 bulb t-5 would that be good enough
  4. For one plant that should be good. Maybe add 2 or 3 2700k cfls to get some red spectrum in there for flowering
  5. Do i still need the red spectrum lights with an auto flowering seed.and thank you very much for the info
  6. Well you don't NEED red spectrum light to flower anything. Flowering is only initiated by a schedule change on the lights. With an auto, the schedule change basically is removed from the equation. Red spectrum will help you grow better flowers, but is it necessary to get a plant to flower? No. however your buds will be airy and light on trichs
  7. Damn thanks for the info learning so much every day about this its crazy thanks for the info really its helped
  8. No problem, that's why we're here! Good luck with your auto i've never done autos but I plan to sometime soon
  9. I kinda figured an auto would be the easiest way to start. just one less step i have to worry about fucking up lol

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