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  1. Shouldn't these buds be much fuller? I'm using GH floranova series and ro water with armorSI and calmag. PH is usually between 5.6 and 6.1. Never higher never lower that I've noticed. Only thing I can think of is my light isn't strong enough but I still thought they'd be a little better. I thinks its 140w true

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  2. Oh and I'm 7 weeks into flower
  3. What kinda light you have led? Is it a bag seed? Also I'm pretty sure it will fatten up
  4. Its just a bag seed. I've had several good from outdoor but this is hydro. Light is just 140w T5 High Output. I'm saving for the marsII 1200
  5. Do you know how many lumens it puts out? You could also add some cfls they would help and very cheap
  6. Spec sheet says rated up to 4000 lumens. And i fucked around and bought a 300w led on accident so it should be here in about a week.
  7. Yea 4000 is not a lot that might be a problem and how you buy the led on accident? Lol
  8. One click purchases on eBay. Meant to add to cart and clicked buy it now lol.
  9. LOL I was going to ask the same question about accidentally purchasing a LED hehe, it happens! 
    What light do you have on the way? I got a 405W Blackstar Chrome (290W actual power draw) a week ago and my plants have exploded in growth in just that one week. 
    I'm no expert since I'm barely on my first grow but I think the lack of full buds could be from the T5 not giving off enough of the spectrum needed by cannabis plants during flowering. I've only used CFLs and LED, never looked into T5s so I have no idea what spectrums/wavelength/etc its giving off per watt and all that jazz. 
  10. The ad on eBay doesn't even have the name. Doubt it has one lol. I'll do some tests when it gets here to see how good it is or isn't. I hadn't thought about the spectrums in t5s.
  11. Really? Do you have a link to the listing??
    Yea you're right no brand, but from the listing it seems its about 150W actual draw and it reads that it does hit the spectrums needed using 3W epileds x100, hope it works out for you!
  13. Thanks! I'm really hoping it'll be done in the next three or four weeks. I have two others about 3 weeks into veg and they're getting huge.

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