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    I am trying my first grow. I posted here once before, but for whatever reason got no responses, so I am trying one more time. I am hoping someone can offer some feedback, because I really want my first grow time be a success. I will try to out in as much info as possible, but please feel free to message me if more info is needed.
    I originally wanted to grow outdoors, in pots, but this changed due to available light. I started with 1 clone of "Sweettooth" strain. I topped it, and transplanted it using Mykos.
    I am using General Hydroponics nutrient in soil on the recommended feeding schedule for all plants. After I had the Sweettooth going for a week, I added another clone, "Blue Dream"; which I topped and transplanted as well, Also using Mykos.
    These plants seemed to be doing well...and I was moving them around to follow the sunlight.
    About 3 weeks into vegging I noticed that the Sweettooth started to try to flower so I immediately added artificial light via day spectrum CFL's. They are the equivalent of 27 Watts each (100 Watt equivelent), and I believe are rated at 7,500 lumens potential per bulb.
    Both plants were then on a 20/4 cycle of mixed natural and artificial light.
    A week after putting them on this artificial light I decided to add 1 more plant via clone. That is "The Black" strain, that plant has been topped as well, and transplanted using Mykos.
    I think my setup is where I want it to be now, and I think all the plants are doing ok, though this last week I added two more of the CFL' s 27 Watts @7,500 potential lumens per bulb. And have 1 plants bulb.
    I have attached photos, and as much info as possible. If you have any info that might help me, or recommendations, I would really appreciate it.
    I would Also appreciate any insights into the strains, and it feeding schedule. If you need more info, please feel free to email me with questions....I really appreciate any and all feedback.

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  2. Try putting your whole story in paragraphs and people might be coaxed into reading it.

    P.S. There is an Edit button.
  3. personally i would take the gnome out just because anny of my babies (plants) would hate to have to stare that fucker in the face all day an night... lol
  4. Thanks for the feedback, really. You are super helpful. I appreciate it. Especially the feedback about by the gnome. Very cool.
  5. What is your main question?

    Try to keep it in one sentence.
  6. Hey,
    I've never used CFL's but from what I've read get those light touching the plant or as close as you can. your plants are looking busy so thats good. If you wanna read up on the strains your growing check this link out not to bad information. If your using GH micr,gro and bloom I'm using 5ml each in a gallon of water everyday and looking good so far. Keep an eye on your temps not sure if you have any fans venting the box.
    How long you been growing these ones?
    Cannabis Seeds Strain Guide | The Daily Smoker
  7. Thanks for the reply, the link, and the info. The newest one is going on it's 3rd. Week and really starting to take off. (The Black) The other two I have had for 5 (Blue Dream) and 6 (Sweet Tooth) weeks.
    I completely pulled down the black strain plant tonight, and it has already started to turn up towards the lights again. The other two were pulled down and slightly pruned a few days ago. (pulled all the stuff that was struggling to get light...very far between nodes.)
    I cannot say enough about the CFL's. The seem to be working extremely well, and the heat has not been an issue. The only real heat comes from the plant bulb, and it isn't much. The air flow in that spot is very good, so it is constantly getting new air.
    I really cannot believe the amount of light within the enclosure, inside is all white and Mylar. I will definitely check out the link to do more research on the strains, and will update as things move along. Thanks again.
  8. CaptKG- Are you growing in soil? I have really tried to avoid over feeding and over watering, and I all watering nowhere near a gallon of water a day. I am using the GH micro,bloom,gro but only once a week. I Also added mollases to the last feeding @ 1tbsp. per gallon, because I read it helped the Mykos which in turn helps the root system boom.
  9. [quote name='"RoseBushKush"']personally i would take the gnome out just because anny of my babies (plants) would hate to have to stare that fucker in the face all day an night... lol[/quote]

    BTW... I thought I would update my user icon...hope you like it (profile pic).
  10. hahahahah right on mate :smoke:
  11. I dunno if it's just me but you haven't really asked any questions that need answering.
    You've expressed you want the community to ask you questions though.

    So I'll ask one
    Is that ghetto assembelance of construction materials in pic #1 your "grow cabinet"?
  12. Actually...I was trying to put as much info as I could in the post, to avoid people having to ask basic questions.
    As for my "ghetto" cabinet...if you want to be a dick, just don't post. I started this intending to just use natural sunlight, but my first plant started flowering very early. My "ghetto" cabinet was just to provide more hours of light, and purely was put together for functionality, not to win any beauty contests.
    I quickly realized that the light the plants were getting from the CFL's seemed to be more effective, so I decided to try all CFL lighting instead of moving the plants back and forth.
    The question was regarding anyone's knowledge of the strains, gh feeding schedule or alterations to it that might get better result, and any feedback regarding CFL grows in general. I guess I should have used bullets or numbers by each question to make it more obvious for people like yourself.
    I have to say, it is kinda sucks that so many people want to make shitty comments, when really all I was doing was asking for some help.
    To those of you who have offered help, thank you.
  13. I just thought own would update with a couple of pics from this morning.

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  14. is the one in the yellowish pot (closest to the camera in the first picture) getting the same amount of light as the other two?

    it looks like it might want to be rotated or something cuz its not vegging as much... just a suggestion.

    i personally dig the "ghetto cabinet" lol are those red things really stained glass?:smoke:
  15. No the "cabinet" I just basically put together with stuff I had around. The screen is a heavy, iron a fireplace screen, and I cut two plywood panels, and attached them via zip ties, the panels were painted red prior to attaching them. I Also lined the inside of the panels with Mylar, and have now attached 1 additional CFL per panel. This helped that 3rd. Plant always get light, whereas before it got the least amount of light, due to the reflectors and the way they directed the light.
    All of the plants are on casters, and I am rotating them all, and rotating their location withing the cabinet as well, every couple of days.
    The plants in the yellow pot is "The Black" strain, and it was added 3 weeks after the first. Also, I pulled it almost horizontally once it was topped and had some height, so it is actually vegging quite well, I think. I will try to add a couple of more pics.

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  16. It's not a shitty comment as there are too many light leaks to flower in that monstrosity you call a cabinet.
    Sensitive and sensible aren't the same thing.
  17. Hey,
    I use soiless mix with the GH neuts, currently one plant been using it for a mother plant until I build a small army before 12/12. Its in a 4x4x4 foot box with a 400w mh set at 18/6. Been growing now for a couple of months and sense height restricted in my box its been LST a great amount. It takes 1.5l of neuts every day. As for the straight molasses I'd really make it a weak mixture I've heard that it can cause your soil to go slimy never tried it myself. Remember get those light as close to the plants as possible and if your in soiless mix it should be fine to use neuts daily I like to make up a gallon at a time last for a few days then one day feed straight water to give it a break. Your plants are still small yet but when the start to get bigger they'll drink the neuts right up. you can always get a feel for when they need water by the weight of the container and leaf droop.
    By the way any cab you can make yourself and not have to spend $$ on is good. And gnomes need a place to live to maybe he'll bring you some good mojo.
  18. Hemi is correct you need to seal all the light leakage or make sure that cabnet is in a dark place with no light when its lights out or your going to have all sorts of problems.

    P.S. Hemi some people dont have lots of $$ or experience and they are trying something new or to grow there own meds, Remember we were all noobs at one time or another try to add some positive opinions rather than bashing a dude for being creative. This is the beginners forms after all.
  19. does anyone have any ideas on a strain of cannabis that would be easily grown outdoors in a hot humid climate? I want something thats gonna have a high yield and grows quickly. It doesn't have to be anything special. Any ideas?
  20. When you ask an Internet forum for feedback. Expect it.
    Then prepare to receive it all. good, bad, positive, negative, true or false. Now I don't condone receiving personal attacks, or abuse. But I simply call it like I see it.

    If your too sensitive for my delivery, that lies within yourselves.
    True advice was given and quite good advice as the OP's grow will be absolute failure if he does not address this.
    Opinions and advice are not like M&M's Not always a candy coated shell.

    Best of luck there OP, but get your box light tight. Or you'll have nothing but problems once you flower. I've said enough. *backs away slowly*

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