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  1. My actual first attempt growing anything was from a bag seed. I rolled the dice and it came out male....This time I'm going at it with feminized seeds and much more preparation. I built a relatively small DIY green house that's about: 3.5' x 6' x 5.5'.
    From left to right are: northern lights, critical kush, and blueberry. I'm just about 4 and a half months in, and all three have started to show lil' pre-flowers. Using emerald harvest nutrients and another product called the terpinator, in FF ocean forest with 5 gallon smart pots on aerator pads. I used LST to get the main stalks spiraling a bit, now I have a weird make shift support system happening so hopefully those branches will grow up instead of out...

    Very much new to growing so any advice or comments are welcome! IMG_4264.JPG FullSizeRender.jpg
  2. For a green house thats some serious security bars their

    are you expecting rippers..? lol

  3. That looks to be his wooden fence with the sun shining through. Oh and nice plants OP.
  4. Wooden fence..?

    I see security bars at 4 inch gaps

    Oh yeah wooden planks maybe

    we wait for more info..? lol

    I'm off for a toke
  5. If you put bird netting (1/2" hole) on the inside it will help keep the plants from resting on the plastic and can help avoid condensation getting on you leaves causing mildew. You just have to check every so often to make sure fresh growth does not grow through. I would like to see the overall structure, looks pretty clean and well done from what I can see. I have been using greenhouses for awhile and can offer up advice if you have questions and I have an answer.

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