First time grow, Need help on diagnosis

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by frostyOGflakes, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone,
    I am new to the site, as well as cultivation.
    I have a few questions on my plants. I'm not sure what my defiency is here, i'm getting crisp lighter green spots on what was a perfectly healthy looking fan leaf. i have 2 week old Stony Creek OG (3x) 1 Arizona and 1 Cheese.
    The new growth looks very healthy, as does some of the underlying growtth and stems look healthy.
    this problem occured out of nowhere in about a days time. i watered them with liquid karma diluted 5ml to a gallon and had no problem until i came down to water and the leaves did this as i said, are yellowing and curling and are crisping up.
    Any idea what my problem could be? will attach pictures asap
    Thanks in Advance!!!!!

  2. I don't know man I'm too high, Google marijuana garden saver and find yourself the free e book(I'm sure it's out there). It's by J.C. Stitch and covers just about every deficiency disease and pest and environmental factor you can think of. It's helped me on previous grows and I highly recommend it. Also might want to post in the sick and injured plant section with a more detailed post the veteran growers are sticklers for details lol
  3. ill repost in there. like i said, very new to the site didn't even know there was a sick and injured section.
    Enjoy yourself brother, thanks for the advice!

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