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  1. first time posting, this is more for a way for myself to keep track of progress, so nothing very exciting going on. i'm growing an auto white widow and an auto girl scout cookies.

    feel free to tell me if i'm posting in the wrong place too :- )
  2. ww and gsc at 5 weeks since seed :tacos::rave-girl:

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  3. Remember when growing to play green and purple daily to increase yield
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  4. good advice thx man :love-m3j::hippie::ladiegaga:
  5. DENSE NUG ALERT:love-mj::smoking-rapper::smiley-rolling-joint::smoking-banana::hola::dance2:

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  6. >Melbourne Australia

    I'm calling the fuckin cops kiddo
  7. :rave-girl:W33D

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  8. Wrong thread sorry all

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