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  1. ok so my plants been in veg for about a week and a half now. a few days ago i noticed a very small spot of green algae or someshit on the surface of my soil. its a very small amount not even noticeable unless im face level with my plant what is this from, what is it, and is it bad for my plant? temps in the grow room did drop to low 60s a day or 2 before i noticed this green mold lookin shit but normally is kept at 75 to 80. also the first 2 textured leaves that came in look kinda shitty compared to what they did before, the tips are touching the soil im not really sure if theyre not getting enough light or just that close to soil. where they branch off the main stem is only about an inch if that from the surface of the soil is this somthing to worry about?

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  2. first pic is hole plant second is left leaf 3rd is right leaf im worried about. by the way im growing under 5 24 watt daylight cfls right now and my soil is organic choice miracle grow(i no shitty soil but couldnt find fox farm) and about 20 to 30% perlite. the strain is killing fields from sannies.

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