first time grow 6 weeks today :)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by blazelord420., Jul 26, 2017.

  1. [​IMG] how is she looking?
  2. Are u been serious dude

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  3. U left it in a cup for 6 weeks it's tiny scrap it start again

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  4. lmao, thx
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  5. considering this is my 3 week old in the cheapest set up ever maybe you need a better light and a slightly bigger pot 20170725_205257.jpg
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  6. yeah i definitely need better lights lol

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  7. it's only under a 150 cfl atm which cost bout 10 bucks
  8. This is my auto pounder at 31 days from sprout. What are your temps looking? That plays a major factor in regards to growth. 15010599198691305451139.jpg 15010600136111529844743.jpg
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    Poor light and crappy soil = slow to no growth. I would have started over, weeks ago. But that's just me.
    6 weeks from sprout.
    Flower 1 week.JPG
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  10. Matie sack it off and start a fresh. Use the group for questions as we all done messed up things as I have. Best thing to get started
    1. Lights
    2. Medium (soil/coco with perlite)
    3. Nutes including root stim

    I would then start off with seed if your worried about clone/s.
    I personally use Advanced Nutrients as my base and then aptus as my additives.
    Aptus is really good you can get a complete range except base nutrients. Don't forget if you use coco that you are likely to get a calmag def so look into a calmag nute to add with your base.

    This is from my past experiences and im just giving you some advice.

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  11. Professional.

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  12. I wouldn't cut your losses just yet grab a decent bulb n soil
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