First time getting robbed....

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    They were probably just calling you slime more then it being a gang thing. I dont think tgey were your homie, maybe they were referringto each other i guess. However if it really is anything gang related you better chalk it up as a loss and move on. You go messing with a couole 200+ pound gang bangers that already kocked you around a bit and the situation is about to get worse....much worse.

    Lesson learned, walk away bro. You're alive but it might be short lived if you go messing with the wrong people Screenshot_20191222-145631_Google.jpg
  2. I live in Georgia. There are no legal states close by at all
  3. I can't really believe you even posted this, but there it is...
  4. Lol didn't notice OP was the same dude who got banned yesterday lmaooo
  5. Why do people do this? Like who in their right mind turns up alone, somewhere they don’t know with a pile of cash.
    The amount of people I know that get the cunt ripped after meeting Jakies on Instagram is mental.
    If your gonna be dumb you better be tough eh :)
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  6. seems like a legit person to do business with right?

    wtf o_O
  7. Gota walk away unless you live the lifestyle.
    In the long run, all the trouble caused from the fighting back and forth, it’s not worth $120 bucks
  8. Bro never deal with someone whom you catch stealing. Even if you live in an illegal state, just start growing your own. There are plenty of videos online that can help you with stealth and security with growing. You are honestly lucky to be alive.

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