First time getting robbed....

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  1. So as the title says,I was robbed today. After getting off of work at about 6:30 pm easter,I was driving home and stopped at this little indian ran BP that is kinda sketch to use the restroom. After taking a piss and washing my hands, I make eye contact with this dude stealing a small bag of doritos and he immediately says "gas on deck", and seeing as how my dealer got busted last week, I quickly get his number and drive home to have a couple beers and relax. After about an hour I shoot the guy a text, and he replies and says he's out of weed but his uncle has some,and gives me his number. I call this dudes uncle and mention his nephew by the nickname I was told, and we arrange for me to pull up to his apartment complex and get half a zip for 120. I arrive at the complex, knock on the door with the adress I was given, and this 6'2 200 something pound dude and another dude that was pretty big just start laughing and pushed me down and kicked me a few times saying something about "slime" while they were doing it.they weren't dressed in red, but after going home defeated I did some research and apparently "slime" is some kind of blood gang this point I'm just really pissed and dont know what to do. I'm not big enough to fight him and his friends, but i do have some pretty out there uncles and cousins myself,should I ask them to go try and get my money back???? Or should I just call the police anonymously and report drug activity at the adress?
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  2. I'd say learn your lesson and charge it to the game. Don't put your other families life at risk over a little $.
    Don't pick up from sketchy randoms.
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  3. I'm just so pissed at these guys.they make me just want to quit smoking weed because I'm sick of dealing with sketch people to find it.Who the fuck robs people and takes pride in the shit????
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  4. Just grow your own.
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  5. Pride sucks huh. Grow your own, That way ya don’t have to worry bout shit like that no more. Ever think bout carrying a weapon for your own protection?
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    I'm not allowed to have any firearms because I was convicted of possession of less than 0.2 grams of wax several years ago, and any amount is a felony in the south,it could've been dropped, but I was broke so I took a plea deal with a public defender, and I dont want to risk growing my own weed.
  7. I don't live in a legal state so it's too big a risk.
  8. Wow sounds like ya got railroaded, good way to disarm ppl I guess.
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  9. Personally, I'd rather risk something I could fully control than risk repeatedly possibility of being robbed.
    Growing takes less space than you might expect, and with proper planning you can prevent the tell tell signs that you are growing at all.
  10. Road trip to a legal state. People do it all the time. My wife managed the sales floor of a dispensary on the boarder for a couple years. 80% of the customers were out of staters.

    Today's Forcast... Partly Cloudy With A Chance Of Amber.

  11. Who trys to buy a half Oz from someone they just met? + You seen the dude stealing a pack of crisps if they was a real dealer why would they need to steal some crisps that probably cost less then $1 :lmafoe::lmafoe::lmafoe:

    You set yourself up to get robbed :confused_2: learn from it & move on.
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    So you decide to business with a lame ass stealing chips. What did you expect? The guy steals chips....of course he was going to steal your money. Fk bro he made a straight up joke out of you. Got to be smarter buddy.
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    Why would you trust the word of a thief?? and someone you don't even know??

    In my world if you lie, are on any drug other than weed, except if prescribed by a physician, alcoholic, ask to many questions you are automatically not mucked with. NO EXCEPTIONS> NOT EVEN FAMILY.

    I did let my 70lbs Pitbull Gypsy chew on a guys leg that decided to come after me with a hammer, after he stole an oz of weed. That was in the 80s. Completely broke his shin bone in 2 places, and tore is pants leg completely off. He lucky my bigger PB didn't get him. MOE was one bad MFr, but gypsy was way more aggressive vs people.
    He cried like a fuckin baby, and was begging me to get the dog off of him. I had a choke collar on her, and choked her air off because she aint lettin go by me asking.
    I also had 7 adults and NOBODY ever thought about a breakin either. You WILL DIE, and they knew it.
    My 190lbs Kangal hates strangers.

    I still have dogs too. Come in my house unannounced, or the dogs don't know you, youre in deep shit, as their aint no calling them off. They also love all my friends, and if you are on good terms with my dogs, you can walk right in the house, unless Im not there. Then you will be eaten.
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  14. Exactly what I though dude lmaooo, if a dealer steals chips they'd probably short you or in OPs case rob you:laughing:
  15. Op kind of asked to get ripped off....ive never once in my life met a petty thief and thought to myself....hey this is a good guy to do business with...he seems trustworthy
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  16. What kind of person risks arrest for chips??? A "DUMBASS"

    Id at least go for some chicken, or meat if youre really hungry, which I don't think this person was hungry. Just wanting chips.
    Some also steal for the rush, and is a mental illness.
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  17. Maybe if you were a Chippewa lad
  18. You paid $120 for that lesson. Learn from it and move on. It could have turned out far worse.
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  19. ....and then joined GC to tell anyone who cares..?
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  20. dont buy from untrustworthy ppl, if he's stealing cheap chips, he's not an honorable plug.

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