first time germinating in plugs

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by trailerman83, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. im germinating some sweet 60 day wonder in commercial 1" plugs for the first time. Why is it taking so long? I put them in a week and a half ago and their shells are barely splitting... Usually i start with the old paper towel method but i had the extra money and thought id try a different method, so i bought a highly acclaimed propagation/germination kit with 55 plugs in a dome setup heat mat the whole nine. ph + ppms are perfect im using thrive alive and foxfarm solutions.
    Ive heard that it takes a lil longer for the plugs to form a symbiotic relationship with the seeds to give the best possible grow medium...but wtf i coulda had lil girls by now 12 days in and the seeds are barely split... any ideas??
  2. im having the same promblem.....
  3. What kinda plugs are you using? Sur to grow cubes?
  4. Did you soak them and put a little piece of thwm into the hole it whatI do with RR and mine are out in 3 days. I still use the PT B4 I put them in though.
  5. im using these plugs that arnt rockwhool, they dont have a name on the bag, there like plugs made from soil it looks/feels like, but i dont know what they are called, i just finally had them start, they have been in there 3 days, and now i see a white tail comming out, so i think its just a matter of time before i see them, thye should penetrate the sponge and come up in 5-7 days
  6. i was reading on the inet and it said these sponges/soil sponge things are a little harder for the seed to creat a "symbiotic" relationship with the plug, they said it takes long than regular rockwhool etc.

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