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  1. Hello everyone, this is going to be the first time i tried indoors, so i was wondering what the day to night hour ratio should be thrughout the process? If i should be using specific lights for specific stages of growth? other plants i grew was in a cornfield so nature did most of this work for me. If anyone could help me with these questions that would be awesome and any tips on other subtopic for indoor would be helpful as well im open to learning as much as i can!!:cool:
  2. CFL for seedlings, veg, flower

    MH for veg

    HPS for veg, flower

    Basically those be your choices. Buy all three if you have the cash, they all have their plus points :) I just have a 400w HPS.

    100W for the first plant, 50W for each additional plant.

    I'm just passing on what i've read in other threads :)
  3. ill help you i had to do some research myself cause no one answered my questions either... so you can use cfls for the all the stages like^^^^ that guy says and the hours should be 18hrs on and 6hrs off for the seedling and veg stage when you decide your plant is big and strong enough to go in to the flowering stage you need to emulate the fall season w/shorter daylight hours so the day nite ratio should be 12hrs on 12hrs off hopes this helps
  4. Right on! thanks yall:hello:

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