First time felt fookin nuthin

Discussion in 'General' started by PunkSka8erV2, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. I vaporized like 1.5 g of high cbd know thc strain called cbd therapy wich is said to have 0.5 thc and 8-10 % with variation of 1:1 - 1.20+ and i didnt felt anything.. Its my first Time smoking weed so i dont know what being high feel like but idk i tried to vaporize as much as i can to see of it did anything but nothing .. Maybe a little foggy feelin but nothing more .
  2. The strain wasn't developed for you to get high, it was developed for medical use hence the high cbd low thc... Ive got two on the grow at the moment and they are very sexy! If you want to get high or stoned smoke some high thc bud.
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  3. I wanted to avoid bad trip for first smoke . Me being an anxious person i thought it would be good but it did nuthin , maybe i am too nervous ?
  4. You didn't get my original point, you need THC to get high.... Or you'll feel fooking nuttin.

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  5. You're uneducated about CBD and THC .. google search them and get some learning in you .
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  6. If you want to avoid a bad "trip" mix some of your CBD therapy with some indica like a Kush and you'll be fine!

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  7. THC is what you need Not CDB if you want to get High :weed:
  8. I shearched the affects of thc and cbd before trying this strain i was not expecting geting really high but at last feel something
  9. you need more research or a better understanding of the effects of CBD and THC
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  10. So cbd dont make you feel anything ? I Heard people say it Made their body feel heavier and more relax muscle
  11. just go search and read for yourself
  12. Mr helpful on the scene, spreading his wealth of information.

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  13. I've been smoking for the last 12.5 years, and lately I've been getting weird highs depending on the strain I smoke. Never happened before, my girlfriend and I enjoy eating edibles. Seems like it'd be a better high for beginners, but you must watch out how much you eat. Others might say edibles are NOT for beginners, all you need to know is you won't die from it! Some people just don't like getting high. I know it's crazy lol..
  14. You need more THC man lol CBD isn't going to get you high, it'll make you feel pretty sleepy if you have enough though. If you're nervous about a bad trip just take one hit and wait for a minute or so to see how you feel and continue to do that until you're high enough (shouldn't take more than a couple of hits). Be in a comfortable environment with snacks and drinks and good music at hand.
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  15. Well edibles last forever so if You dont like Your high you Will be pretty f*** . When smoking at least you wait 1-3 hours and Its gone
  16. Lol i know but all those bad trip stories freaked me out dude , im a big drinker i get drunk every week-end and handle alcohol pretty well but i dont know what like being high and wanted to start small lol too small i guess because it didnt even made me sleepy and i smoked like 2g
  17. Many you should research some higher end strains, not necessarily super high THC levels.. Just a solid strain, let us know what you read.

  18. That's why take it slow and you should be fine. Just don't try to smoke too much at first, sometimes people get too high their first time and it freaks them out and ruins weed for them. CBD oil can put you to sleep if you take enough lol.
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  19. A northern lights mixed with my high cbd strain should do fine?

  20. Northern lights is an indica, which will give you a couch-lock, relaxed body high. I also have anxiety and I found indicas helped me the best when it came to that. I don't know if mixing with the high cbd strain will do anything but if it makes you feel better then mix it with the NL. Have good music, snacks, and drinks (for cottonmouth). A good, safe environment is important in order to avoid bad trips.
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