first time doing shroom, finally

Discussion in 'General' started by Jakes Mo Moneya, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. iight
    I ate an 1/8 of shrooms today, the pic was in my last post

    I was straight trippin balls, i had a bad trip for like 2 hours i was yelling and fucking wanted to kill myself. but that was because my brother went to the hospital cause his heart was hurting. and my pops was calling me mad amounts. but after that the trip is mad ill

    the first hour of shrooms are the best( after the 45 min. wait)
    i baked as i ate them, 45 min later, just now, nd i gotta go to dinner

    are my eyes gonna get better, cause my pupils are mad big
  2. yes, they are going to get better. first trips are always interesting!
  3. I heard once that shrooms are a fungus that grow in dirt or cow poo. Yes, you read that right, DIRT!

    And apparently it makes your toes bleed internally so it makes it harder to keep balance in old age!

    And apparently if you eat more than 7 shroom caps you die!

    And apparently if you trip on shrooms 10 times your legally insane??

    And did you know that I heard once that some guy ate this moshroom tea in India, Mexico, and he killed an iguana cause he was trippin so hard.

    That was a scary movie.
  4. um... wtf?
  5. I was making up urban legends, but I was hoping for a more suttle reaction, to be honest.
  6. drink some oj, it'll make the trip last longer. and if you drink the oj to down the shrooms it intensifies the trip big time
  7. i did shrooms once and i did them with oj and doritos. it took about 45 minutes to kick in so me and a group of friends played frisbee. i didnt really trip that much but i realized it was hard to stand up and keep standing unless doing something ex frisbee. i don't know why i didnt feel the full effects because i did eat 1/8. i mean full effect such as visualizations, and stuff like that.
  8. You dont see a whole lot unless you eat quite a bit. Youll see like walls 'breathe' and I once seen a patch of dirt at night lit up by the moon and I thought it was water and I coulda sworn I seen it ripple lol. :D

    EDIT: OP: this is the wrong forum btw

  9. :rolleyes:
  10. isn't 1/8 normal amount tho b/c my friends all said they were seeing shit, i dont care tho b/c i'l def do them again their mad chill considering the fact their 30 bucks and good for a good amount of time compared to weed where 20 bag lasts you half as long
  11. wish i could find a shroom dealer, want to try em out, all i got is weed :(

    JK, weed does the job :p
  12. an 8th of shrooms at once!?
    i heard that 2 1/2 grams would get u seeing shit???????
  13. I need a shroom dealer man...
  14. I think I might have to buy some shrooms this weekend. I need to get over my completely irrational phobia that somebody's gonna sell me toad stools on accident.
  15. sometimes my favorite part of tripping is the end. when you just kinda feel good.

    but if its a good trip the beginning can be really sweet too. its pretty intense.
    the first couple times i shroomed i didnt really feel it though.
  16. I have not done shrooms YET, but I want to. I was at dinner with my GF, at a nice restaurant, for our 2 year anniversary, and a buddy calls me. I excuse myself, call him back, and he says "Dude, get the fuck over here NOW, half ounce of shrooms, me, you and T."

    I was pissed. I was just starting dinner and I was going to her place afterwards, now I have to wait until next time.

    Ohh well

  17. Wow, thats like exactly me, i love the "glowing" feeling at the comedown, and my first trip I didnt see shit, I was at the beach everyone else was trippin, I just felt mildly stoned, then after the sun set, everyone starts to come down, and I looked at the sand and kinda as a "heres what you missed" the sand started rippling like water and the twigs kept bobbing up and down in it.

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