First time doing aeroponics, seeds?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LittleGreenMan, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. This will be my first time growing. I am going with an aeroponics setup. I haven\'t chosen a system yet. I wanted to know what seeds people would recommend for a first time grower going the aeroponic route. Thanks.
  2. And I don\'t want to do bag seeds.
  3. No one has an opinion?
  4. this forum sucks
  5. Before u judge this forum, i might want to do a search first ( theres talk in advanced growing or grow journals. and when u cant find what ur looking for THEN ask. theres all kinds of strains u can grow aeroponic. Google suggested strains for aeroponics and u might find what ya looking for. right on...
  6. I didn\'t come to a forum to be to told to google my query. Are you on crack? Right on...
  7. dude, don\'t expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter. look around the forum and i guarantee you will find your answer.
  8. Dude, how about you don\'t post in my thread unless you have something helpful to say, dude...
  9. LittleGreenMan, have you ever heard the old phrase \"you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar\"?
  10. Stop Posting In My Thread Unless You Have An Answer To My Question! What The Hell Is Wrong With You People? Why Do You Post Unhelpful Nonsense In My Thread? Do You Honestly Believe I Want To Read Misc. Banter When All I Asked About Was A Good Strain Of Seeds For A Beginner Doing Aeroponics? Don\'t Post Here Unless You Have An Answer To That Very Simple Question.
  11. You don\'t have the right to tell anyone where to post. And I suggest you calm down.
  12. I was going to link to some extremely fine genetics, but I don\'t think I will now.
  13. my first post!
    hey Gazoo or green dude
    I would say try some labrador DUDE it works best for what your doing !!

  14. oh well, cant please em all, good luck, lil man, :laughing:

  15. exactly....why do you post unhelpful nonsense when you could SEARCH THE FORUM and read. But being a smart ass will get you no where. And since your lazy to read around the forum, i guess you\'ll never find your answer.

    This is a community. Of people who help people. Not people with attitude who are too lazy to look around. This site is filled with info that people have posted up over the years, and they aren\'t just gonna hand you it all just b/c you made a thread.
  16. Ha. People are so predictable. Pathetic average joe\'s prefer drama to altruism without fail. That\'s why everyone only posted when I started to be rude. Isn\'t it funny how self-proclaimed good people are so attracted to negativity? And yet, when I asked a simple question on seeds to begin with, with no attitude, no one responded. You people should wake up, get a clue, and look at your own actions honestly. My attitude in my reponses was premeditated to prove the unhelpful nature of this forum. Where my actions were of my own premeditated design, and thus of no moral consquence, your actions were honest responses to what you believed to be 100% real statements on my part. Maybe someone could just be nice and honestly altruistic and just tell me some good seeds for aeroponics!
  17. So you were rude and immature for no reason?
    Go search for seed company and read everything that comes up, stop being so lazy.
  18. If by \"no reason\", you mean the reasons I listed, then yes, I did it for \"no reason\".:wave:
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