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  1. Hey guys, first time cloning and decided to top/clone at the same time. My clones are kinda skinny and don't fit in the cubes nicely. I have floss picks supporting them from tipping over. Also I put extra cloning gell inside the cubes to make them fit better.
    If anyone can share there 2 cents with me it would be greatly appreciated.


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  2. are you then placing these clones in a dome under a fluorescent light? (you should)


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  3. Kinda.. Lol
  4. so cloning is actually pretty damn easy once you get it figured out. The biggest, most important things are the light schedule and the humidity.
    What I did is take some rubbermaid, or plastic type containers and made a "clone station" out of it. Basically just two bottoms that fit somewhat together. What this does is create higher humidity. The clones need high humidity, so you have to have a way of getting that. Also, I just have a little clip on work light with just a regular floodlight type thing in there. The light shouldn't be too intense. And it must be on an 18/6 schedule. I kept losing everything I cloned, or it would take a super long time when I had it running at 24/0. Since I started using that home made humidty dome and the 18/6 light schedule I haven't lost a single clone. And I put mine right into a solo cup with soil. Don't use any gel or anything like that. Mine usually take off after about 2 weeks and are ready to be re-potted.
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  5. Lol I did a little more trimming and added more gel to the holes.. I even made a new clone from an existing one.. clonex is suppose to be legit so well see what happens

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  6. Lol made another one
  7. They look fine to me. Cloning can be pretty tricky. I've found over the years that the tender shoots down inside and on the lower part of the plant clone faster than the older, more woody tops. So it make take a few extra days for them to show roots. I can have roots in 6-7 days using the more tender growth. The biggest advice I can give you is not to use rockwool cubes. LOL Ooops...too late for that. Next time, try the Rapid Rooter antibacterial rooting cubes. You get 50 in a pack and they're well worth the $15 bucks or so they cost. Most people who've never done it before kill their clones by keeping them too wet and getting root rot...especially using rockwool. To keep that from happening, stop keeping them heavily saturated around day 3 or 4 into the process. For the first couple of days, I keep the cubes saturated and the humidity dome over them and an old heating pad under the clone tray for warmth. They really need more warmth than light at this point anyway. We use Clonex gel when I take them and then Clonex solution until they show roots. But around day 3 or 4 or so, I begin to let the cubes dry out before rewetting them. Much the same as a container plant doesn't like it's roots sitting in constant wet soil, the clones do better if you allow them to dry out a little bit before rewetting them. If you constantly have them saturated in solution, there isn't a reason for the roots to work too hard at finding food and spreading outward to do so. Allowing the cubes to dry out some, in my mind, starts this process. I don't know technically why, but it works for me. We have a 99.9% success rate here. Keep your cloning solution fresh. If it sits for too long, the pH will go up on it...if it's in a hot place, etc. Keep it somewhere with a good cool temp and not around your grow lights. I remix fresh every other day when I'm dealing with clones. But that's about all the tips I've got my friend. Best of luck with yours. TWW
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  8. What i do with cloning, i just use a sharp clean blade (or trimming scissors), cut the clone’s stem at a 45* angle, dip it in cloning gel then powder, insert into my growing medium (rockwool), keep them next to mother plants, dip the bottom of cone so roots grow down (idk maybe it just feels like it works for me) every 3 days (or until you can feel it dry), wait 7-8 days without moving them too much as it could shock the clone. 10 days and you have a guaranteed growth.

    also, don’t put them straight in the light.


    New Technique I’m Testing:

    Right now i’m testing out with non-diluted gel in rockwool, and a diluted gel with coco. Watering them every 3-4 days.

    I have a gallon reservoir and i use .25-.5mL of Gro,Bloom,Micro (General Hydro.) with every 2gallons of 6.2pH. I am seeing if roots grow better in either condition.

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  9. I have a 99% success rate. Even if the clones are bad looking lol. The Widow White has some great information. I would also replace the water every 5-7 days.

    You are hilarious White. “Don’t Use Rockwool”. Ouch. I grow my clones without anything special. just rockwool, clonex, the three Floras, H2O2, air pumps/hose/rock.

    Guaranteed roots in 7-11 days for me.

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  10. Hating.
  11. Also, i don’t recommend placing the clones INSIDE the hole as it tends to be loser. keep the cut at a 45 angle, dip in clonex then powder, then insert into cube (a little to the side of the cube) as so: [​IMG]

    (Peep that 21 year old blue cookies mother roots)
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