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    So I highly need advice. Me and two of my buddies got caught a couple weekends back before finals, but we gave the cop all our stuff, he broke our pipes(not sure if he reported it or just the grass) and let us go. He didn't arrest or give us a ticket. However, yesterday I received an email, as well as my two other friends, and we have to go speak to the Dean at the college. One of my other friends told me that his former friend didn't get suspended for it and I feel like the same will happen with me and my friends. I was just stressing and I honestly just wanna stay in school and not get in major trouble with my parents, but it was just minuscule and hopefully soon it'll all just pass and we'll get a warning, I'm literally terrified.
  2. Nobody can tell you for sure whats going to happen. Your just guna have to wait until your meeting to see what they will say. Im hoping nothing happens to you. Good luck
  3. I keep this thread updated thanks for the good luck
  4. Watch Neighbors (the movie) and see how those college hooligans talked to the Dean when in trouble. But really I would say no harm no foul.
  5. Good luck bro. I've got got
    In highschool before but it's different I assume. I got my pipe and weed taken away and my parents got called. After that I never did anything stupid again but my friends did and they all ended up getting probation afterwards

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  6. Thanks you guys, a friend of mine told me the same thing. But hell no this shit ain't ever happening again.
  7. How'd you get caught?

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  8. You're probably good just don't act like a jackass during the meeting
  9. Caught by campus police because we thought we were off campus. We were by a skatepark and it was considered on campus even though a lot of people go there on and off campus because it's unofficial.
  10. no story tho? like, HOW did you get caught haha. not being careful in some way?

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    Well I gave my story. They just rolled up. Really nothing else to it.
  12. Don't let yourself be a victim or a criminal.

    You are your own authority, if you didn't violate someone else, don't feel bad.

    You could ask if a crime was committed, if they claim yes, ask for the charges against you and the evidence and who was victimized.

    Or, you could simply tell them what you choose to ingest is your own business and you are not accountable to anyone else.

    We all need to start giving the finger to these 'authorities', respectfully or not. Who the fuck to they think they are, I mean really?

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  13. Thank you for the helpful advice Odin :)
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  14. Same with your parents, if they raised you properly they would trust your decision to imbibe cannabis.

    If they didnt raise you properly, why keep listening to them?

    Checkmate parentals, your boy is a man now.

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  15. If you were getting suspended you wouldn't be getting an email for a meeting. You'd already have had the meeting and you'd be back home.

    Definitely point out to the Dean that part about thinking you were off campus. Make sure he understands that you thought you were off campus because you didn't want to break any campus rules, and that this isn't something you do on campus, and that this wasn't you disrespecting the school or its rules, just a geographical error.
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  16. Sorry this just is not the way the world works. If you tell a cop what I choose to ingest is my own business and that you are not accountable to anyone else, they will laugh in your face and arrest you. I get you want total freedom to do as you wish but that's not the way society is going to work. Correct, you don't have to feel bad if you are doing what you feel is right but that doesn't mean you can tell a cop not to arrest you, believe me, they will, regardless if you want them to or not.
  17. Then you sue them for violating your rights, simple as that.

    Law is contractually based, which requires knowing consent. If you didnt or dont contract with them, you reserve your rights.

    '...not how the world works'

    Because most people are ignorant of the law

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  18. If enough people had knowledge and courage, cops would quickly realize they are nothing but glorified revenue collectors. If people started sueing for such violations, they would loose their revenue... I.e. cease to exist.

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  19. All I can say is stand up for what you believe in. In my life experience I've smoked with Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Fireman, all kind of professionals and yes even the chief of police of my home town. It would blow your mind away if you knew just how many people toke. Take a stand and tell them you're no different from our founding fathers who built this nation. There may just be a good chance that your dean tokes as well. This shit isn't right and we as tokers should stand up for our beliefs instead of curling up like a ball and hoping we get the minimum penalty. If everyone did this legalization would already be here. We are on the cusp and now more than ever it's important for us to stand up
  20. Well it is working so far with people recording incidents. Police fucking hate that.

    Just tell your dean to go suck one OP.

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