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First time buying?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cyric99, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Haha, so I just have to share this story with you guys. The first time me and my roommate bought weed was down in FL.

    We were comin' back from dinner or something, and we get to our apartment, and there is this shady ass guy hanging around one of the other doors. We get to our door, and he comes up to us. He was either piss drunk or blazed, I dunno which haha. Anyway, somehow we get to the conversation of weed, and he says he can sell us some "white widow" for $50/8th.

    We're like hell yeah, what a way to welcome ourselves to FL! So he says he'll be back in a few with the bud. 5 minutes later he comes back and we let him in... and the first thing he says is "Just to let ya know I got a gun". We're like.. okay haha.

    Now, we were new to this whole thing, so when he pulled out this tinfoil ball of "weed" and made the trade, we didn't really think of checking it before hand. He also had the balls to steal a handful of our jolly ranchers from this candy bowl we had, and bum a few cigs.

    Anyway, so he finally left, and my roommate opens up the tinfoil and it's like... this mulch I guess? Hahah, it was like mulch with a pepper inside of it. I was laughing my ass off.

    Anyway, anyone else got some funny/interesting stories about their first time? :smoking:
  2. Sounds like you got hustled. You should have done something after he stole the candy. I think the line was crossed.
  3. I remember one of my first times buying. It was a "g" for 20. Now that I think back to it, it was a .3 of shake.

    Boy, I'm glad I have the knowledge I have now.
  4. Lol, we definitely got hustled. But being that he claimed to have a gun, and he was a huge black man, we left it at "if we ever see this guy's car we're gonna mess it up so bad."

    I don't think he lived in the complex, never saw him again.

  5. yea lol the first time i bought i was supposed to buy a 20 bag from my old friend that had moved and now sells bud. so we meet up and everything but he said that he had rly good shit so it would be 25$ instead of 20$ so we do the trade and what do i see? a nickle bag filled with weed so i go to look at the bag(it was in an alley nobody could have seen us) and he quickly says "yo put that shit away people can see dont look at it"but im not sure if it was good weed or bad because i was a newb to smoking and i thought ok ill buy the weed, roll a joint, and get high but it turns out rolling a joint wasnt as easy as it looked lol. so i ended up missowning him as a friend and i havent talked to him since.
  6. Ha, yeah, I guess everyone makes the mistake of trusting a shady dealer.

    Shady dealers are sneaky enough when they pretend to be straight, but when I can actually notice they're being weird (like mentioning weapons), then I know I'm about to be ripped off and back out ASAP. But like everyone else I only learned that from experience :p
  7. Ok, so you let a random sketchy looking guy into your room claimin to have white widow. Your lucky he didn't rob you hardcore.
  8. If someone said they had a gun in my house they'd be out the door. The first time I bought weed i got hooked up with a gram of dank for 10. I thought it was the best weed ever. Oh how I was so uneducated.
  9. ^^how u gonna tell some big dude u dont kno who says hes got a gun to get out your door?

    seems like u were pretty much fucked in the ass once he said he had a gun
  10. yeah first problem is letting him in and letting him know where you live. he coulda pulled the gun and just took everything

    if he had a gun, haha.
  11. It was all fun in games, as far as I was concerned. I honestly didn't believe that he had a gun. Try to picture this guy:

    Tall, Fat, was wearing a white t-shirt with sweat pants. Basically, he looked like a loser, but again, this was our first time, so we didn't really know what to expect. I don't recal ever seeing a gun, and I don't know where he would of had it if it was not in his sweat pants. He was chillin on our couch and everything.

    Basically, I think this was one out of a couple different scams this guy had going for himself. Sure, a million things could have gone differently, but they didn't, and it turned out to be a funny story. :D

    Besides, it was my roommates money. :)

  12. Come to the hood you can find me trapping in my white tee
    Standing with a full grill ni99az might try me
    So high, I bem still in my white tee
    Rock sweat pants yeah hoes like me
    Dem boys wanna buy from me, but I rip em off in my white tee
    Became a rich ni99a and them boys try to find me</pre>
  13. Lol, you got me there!

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