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first time buying

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hippiemermaid, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Ok so I recently started smoking, but I have never had to buy weed yet. I know I guy who sells but idk what to ask him for. He always posts pictures on his sc story saying hmu for weed, but I don't want to say something dumb. So what do I messge him?
  2. Be careful, my first purchase was oregano. Good luck.
  3. What is sc? Anyways, for a beginner I would try for a dime bag or around 2 grams, but a lot of dealers won't sell anything under a quarter ounce.

    Do you know this dealer personally, through a friend or just a random guy? If not a friend or you didn't get his number through a friend be verrrry careful, my buddy tried to meet up with a guy from fb to buy a gram of lush and he got jumped and two fractured ribs just for $20. Rare but it does happen so I'd carry a pistol or a knife.

    I would ask to see the bag you're getting before you hand over any money, that's important especially for first time buyers as many people have either been ripped off completely (Oregano, catnip, hell I've even heard of people getting grass clippings) or get shorted and get half of what they were supposed to.

    Most importantly be safe, if it's a random person and it seems shady then get the fuck out of there, hope everything goes good brother be safe out there!
  4. Lol sorry forgot to answer you're question, if you heard through a friend he sell last then I'd say something like "hey what's up man, ____ told me you sell and I'm looking for (dime,eighth,quarter) can you hook me up?". As I said for a beginner or newish smoker I would get a dime or eighth.
  5. just say yo i need some bud, he'll say how much, you say how much you want then you say where to meet and you get your weed
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  6. SC is snapchat
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  7. He is posting on his snapchat saying to hit him up if you need, so just snap him asking if you can pickup, you are wayyy over thinking it.

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