First Time Buyers: Would like some help.

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  1. Hey guys im new to the forums but not the site. Ive been looking to buy a new bong for a long time now but I couldnt choose what site to use. After looking at like 20 different online dealers I think this is the best one/most trust worthy Ive seen. But im still a little worried about throwing down $200 and not knowing completely what im getting. Ive never used a percolator before. This entire time ive been using a cheap plastic bong. It gets the job done but I kinda wonder what im missing by investing in something more expensive. After looking for a while I think Ive found the one I want.

    Blaze Glass - Premium Percolator Ice Bong black - Beaker base - New Items - Specials - English -

    But once again I have no idea what im getting. Has anyone tried this bong before? Does it keep its quality for a long time and is it worth the money compared to other ones around the same price or stuff cheaper?

    Price really isnt too much of an issue. Im pretty ok going over 200 since there is that holiday discount and free shipping. If you know of any other bongs in this price range of 150-240 from this site post it please.

    Other questions I have:
    1. Is the perolator worth it?
    2. Whats the difference between the percolator and a diffuser?
    3. How hard is this bong to clean out?
    4. Do you put water into it the same way as other bongs? Do you just pour it into the top and fill it about 1/3 of the base size?
    5. How hard is the glass and would this be easily broken if dropped? I always smoke with friends. Its never happened before but id just like 2 know.

    Thanks alot guys I really appritiate any help I get. This site is great.
  2. Also if anyone feels that there is a bong that is a bit more expensive that is like alot better then this one let me know
  3. If your willing and able to step up to the $300 range it opens up much higher end choices......."brand" names that hold their value and can be resold for close to what you pay. In the $300 range you can get a Sovereignty, StoneGlassWorks, itza, Vertigo Glass etc. Thats the way to go imo
  4. The best bang for your buck at 300 bucks would be the Sovereignty Stemline, can't go wrong with it.
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    Spiral percs = Major Drag.

  6. This. Pretty good advice.
  7. Can you guys link a bong with a perc from this site that you think is a good buy for me.

    It dosnt have to be from this site but it would be easier.
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    Go to grasscity and get yourself a Sovereignty Glass stemline perc tube. The glass from GC is low quality (you'd think that they would wise up and buy some better glass but no...).

    EDIT: Some of the glass on GC is good quality, such as the EHLE's (and maybe the Molinos), but all from ALT are high end glass.
  9. youre not supposed to ask for or post links to other websites like that. and seriously dont buy that thing..if you dont even know what a percolator is then you have no business spending 240 on glass. do some reading

  10. Um the link I put is for this website. I know perc's make hits smoother I just dont know why.
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    It's because when smoke passes through water it filters out some of the carcinogens, while cooling down the smoke. The best filtration breaks up the most smoke bubbles, the smaller the better, because the smaller the bubble the more surface area is cooled.


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