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First time buyer/user

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Confetti, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Sorry for the large snaps.

    So I grabbed some weed off my brothers dealer last night because, well, I want to give it a try. Now you read all this shit about fake weed or laced weed and so on, and me being a bit of a paranoid drama queen, I figure before I light up I should at least check if it's real.


    Sorry the pics are kinda, well really shit. I'll try and grab some better ones if need be but they got taken on my phone.
    I certainly smells like weed and from what I can see it looks like it, but it's not sticky like I hear and it's infact kinda real dry.
  2. Better pics would help but yea i think your in the clear my man.
  3. It's weed. If it's your first time smoking though I suggest smoking with somebody else, your brother maybe. I smoked for the first time with my older brother, and it can be pretty chill.
  4. Should be better snaps attached here

    Attached Files:

  5. As for my first time, I intend to smoke it with my girlfriend next week, although being my first time and her being an ex-seasoned weed smoker could be mildly embarrassing.
  6. That looks like some pretty nice bud to me.
  7. It looks like some pretty good green man, but definitely smoke with somebody cause for the first time the thoughts may be a bit overwhelming lol, they were for me first time I toked up, friends will usually try and help calm ya down
  8. Yeah? Are we agreed that's at least smokable?

  9. Yeah that's definitely smokable, I wish I had some lol, just smoked the last dime of my Q of northern lights last night, I usually buy in bulk but can't get any more til I get paid next friday :/
  10. Awesome!
    Not paid for it yet - re: paranoid drama queen - but yeah, thanks :)

    Suggestions for first times?

  11. Don't cough no matter what. :D

  12. aha, I''ll try and remember that :) Been smoking cigs for over a year now so that shouldn't be too much of an issue. Right? :(

  13. Cigs are different, you don't inhale them you just draw them into your mouth, with weed, you inhale and then breath it in like it's oxygen for a few seconds which is when you most likely will cough, and blow it out, don't hold it for over 5 seconds. Holding the smoke in your mouth will waste it, so you need to inhale that shit. :D
  14. I smoke wrong.

  15. Oh, you inhale your cig smoke? Haha .. I see. Bah, you shit quit cigarettes brotha. ;D

  16. You shouldn't be too bad on coughing, unless you rip it way too hard lol I remember the first few times I started smoking weed I'd rip it so hard and a few minutes later be burping up smoke :D it felt kinda good though lol

    So here's my advice;
    1.) Try not to cough so you don't waste the hit and it's kind of a buzz kill
    2.) pack it nice, You want your first time to be worth it don't ya?
    3.) At least try to smoke with someone, you said your girlfriend was an ex-seasoned toker? Even though it might be embarrassing it might be a good idea to smoke with her that way she can give ya a few pointers, plus I'm sure she'll get some laughs out of seein' you enjoy your first high lol :smoke:
  17. Aha yeah I just hopes it's not cruel and mocking and I still get to have sex that night.

    Suggestions for how to take it first time? I'm thinking joints?
  18. Also can you use a Hookah as a bong? It's basically the same thing right?
  19. I have to disagree with this lol.

  20. It's what I was told by people who smoke cigarettes, while myself... I have never smoked cigarettes. Once, and I hated them. :p

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