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Discussion in 'General' started by MissBaracuta, Feb 3, 2014.

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  2. read above post
  3. I like the sound of it. That's a lot per plant for that medium of a flowering time imo. But I have only grown like 5 plants myself before..... Need my own house to perfect the art
  4. I am still learning and growing.  I thought if I am going to buy seeds might as well  buy the best ones I can find.  For what I am looking for I thought these were kick ass.   So I bought 3 of them.. Maybe I am wrong but why not the hell try.  Lets go for broke or broke to begin with!!!!
  5. I hope you didn't buy these seeds because of the 500g/plant advertisement. That's the plant's maximum yield at it's maximum size when grown outdoors. You should still get a good yield if you provide enough light and grow in a large container. One thing for sure though, it will be pretty simply to trim. One of the reasons I love growing Indica dominant strains.
    Good luck on your grow :)

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