first time attitude..tiny concerns

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  1. hello guys n gals just wondering should i be worried becuz its been since october 3 the attitude site informed me that my purchase has been dispatched.its has been 7days but im not sure wat business days are does that mean they only ship on weekdays?
    ive used the track and confirm on the usps site. the status says (ARRIVAL AT UNIT)
    i think its close to my post office it says its at a diffrent zip code. advice would be greatly apreciated

    PS. this is my first time ordering from the ATTITUDE.
  2. I am on BUSINESS day # 17. Total day #24. I have pretty much given up. 60 bucks down the drain.
  3. omg r u serious.from the ATTITUDE seed bank??? wat does your tracking status say??
    daes a bussines day mean weekday?
    and where r u from by the if u dont mind me asking
  4. When it says arrival at unit it is at your post office or one close to you. If your lucky you'll get it tomorrow if the package arrived today or tomorrow if its arrived in the morning.
  5. just relax..the first time always sucks as does the tudes trackin' mine today..ordered the 5th..11 for 11..non-stealth your beans are there tommorrow...mon. was a holiday only mailmen get off sio that adds an extra day..i also think the stealth shipping takes longer if you went that route:smoke:
  6. I't hasn't been all that long. You have to have a little patience. I'm sure you will get it in the next couple days
  7. yea it does kinda suck playing the waiting game.this is my 2nd time ordering seeds ever.
    first i used single seed was i really nervous bout the whole thing.
    i didnt use the guarantee for single seed or the tude. im cheap lol im also new to cultivation this great plant

    proxyman i think ur right ty
    deacon ty for the advice also

  8. did the single seed center come thru for ya..just ordered first time from them...arrived at unit means mail sorting place near you...thats where they beat all the packages with huge frying pans:eek:.....just kiddin' you should get em tommorrow..good luck:smoke:i perfer to think of it as not cheap but gettin' an extra bean
  9. mine got to my post office yesterday and it still did not come today MAKES ME WANNA GO POSTAL ... and yah i give up on waiting that hurt i thught forshure it would be here today just last week i did not have mail for a week i guess they lost power some shit and mail was backed up funny how it happens when your waiting on some thing the tude is the shit tho just are mail service sucks dick
  10. yes i was very pleased with the single seed center love that no bullshit guarantee they have. bout 7 day from email confrimation.
    :eek:frying pans lmao. yea proly tommorow. i kinda got throw off by the Columbus day holiday.
    good luck with ur single seed center too:)
  11. haha yea go us postal on them lol. wat part of us from if u dont mind me asking
  12. now something aint right here though...maybe coustoms...but they just take the beans and send ya a little card sayin' they did..pricks.....what does the tudes trackin' say about this...

    thanks on info for singleseed center..first time and now mr worried:eek:guess it never ends....gettin' mr nice medicine man and black widow:hello:nice addition to any seed collection
  13. near LA just sucks my post gets backed up i am thinking there still sorting sundays and mondays o well basterds lol
  14. ahh nice white widow and medicine i want those in my collection. where did u order from single seed or the tude.
    which seed bank is cheaper to get it from??
  15. i am just glad they made it thru and it looks like yours did so they will show up just gotta wait sucks :bongin: buzzeeed...
  16. *sign* waiting :l

    off topic question is there a blue dream in seed form newhere or something similar to blue dream
    supposetly its clone only
  17. ordered from single seed center...before i knew the tude was gettin' em...same price at both but no singles at the tude...only 18 packs....i just wanted 5 of each

    growin' buds is all about waitin' bro....wait for seeds...wait toi sprout....wait to veg...wait to flower...wait for trich's......wait to cure...if ya aint good at waitin'...growin' weed is a tough gig:D
  18. I got my order after 26 days. 33% was missing. Not happy.
  19. damn that sucks dude.did u get the guarantee shiping??
    well at least u got some of ur order:rolleyes:

  20. Wow, what happened there? Im waiting on an order from attitude, my 1st order from them and it wasnt a small one :p Fingers crossed.

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