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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ch989, Jun 23, 2002.

  1. hey. im gonna be growing outside next summer and was wondering if i should just start the seeds outside or start them inside and transplant them to my grow spot once they start growing. also if i started them inside, would i need any light cycle or could i just let them grow?
  2. start 'em in and move 'em out.
  3. thanks big poppa. can i just start them in a window(not where someone can see them) or do i need to use a florescent bulb?

    and also another question. when you grow indoor, your suppose to run the lights all the time and change to 12/12 when you want them to flower right? but growing outdoors it would be a little hard keeping the light on them all the time. just wondering why you'd start them indoors with light all the time and not just use 12/12 right from the beginning.
    thanks again
  4. Most people agree that the light cycle should be 18/6 indoors. The 6 hours of darkness gives the plant a break and allows the temps to cool off some.

    Outside you are at the mercy of the Sun. You have to follow its light cycle. But starting them indoors rather than out you give the tender seedlings a chance to gather strength before exposing them to the elements. Bugs, deer, wind rain, etc can kill a seedling quicker than a 6 to 12" plant.

    Keep it plenty of consistent light in the seedling stage or you may wind up with a 6" blooming female before you transplant it to the outdoors. learned this the hard way.
  5. hey thanks. would it also work to put them in a sunny window where no one would notice?
  6. yeah, temporarily.

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