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  1. I was given three seeds all popped and all are female but different strains I have no idea what anyway I used Miracle Grow from Home Depot and everything was going great the fans keep humidity in at 45 to 50 my temp stay around 70 to 75 degrees and they are just starting bloom but yesterday I noticed slits cut in the leaves and today bottom leaves on one plant are turning yellow I can't see any signs of bugs so I sprayed with a 3 in 1 neem oil based spray it left white patches on the leaves also on the yellowing plant I poured a small amount of peroxide solution in the soil they seem to be getting attacked at night I run the fans during this time any advice would be a great help these ladies are beautiful I check on them several times a day but I would hate to lose them to inexperience.
  2. Firstly, Miracle Grow is crap.
    Secondly, the bottom leaves of the plant yellowing is a Nitrogen problem. I can't say if it is a deficiency or lockout without more info. I suspect deficiencies, due to the MG garbage.
    Be careful if you are going to increase the N while flowering. It is easy to go a bit too far and interrupt the cycle. IT is normal for the plants to yellow near the end of the flowering cycle, but if these are not a couple of weeks from finishing, you have an issue that will significantly affect your output.
    If you can't find Cannabis specific additives, there is a brand (at least here in Canada) called Plant Prod that although isn't perfect for Cannabis, it is a lot better than MG.
    Due to flowering, find a fert that is around 15-30-15...
    Be aware that ferts don't feed the plant, they feed the soil. So there is a time delay between application and uptake so the bacteria can do its thing and convert the salts to plant available elements.
    Flush really good before changing the ferts. Your really don't know what MG left behind or if it will adversely react to a different brand.
    If you don't want to change the ferts, you may finish with what you have, but I think you won't get anywhere the yield you could.

    Pics would help.
  4. I'll get pics to you thank you for your response.
  5. Once again thank you for your help.
  6. It appears that you have a bit of fert burn. Pretty normal for fast growing plants in pots.
    Ok, so correcting.
    Flush the Miracle grow out and replace it with something suited for cannabis. I don't know of anyone that actually finished a crop with that garbage.
    I also see a lack of light. Your internode distance is pretty high. See if you can get the LEDs much closer to the plants. You are entering into the area where I know LED's are a problem. They shine with short, compact plants, but yours are going to be leggy monsters.

    Let us know if you fin cannabis specific products you find in your area. The plant prod fert I suggested above would be about the minimum you could get away with.

    When you start feeding again, first feeding would be 1/4 strength, second 1/2, third full... Give the plant a bit of time to recover from having her feet singed.
  7. Thank you so much for your wisdom I am saving up for the right equipment and soil for next grow fox farm oceanic is my area and a decent 600 watt light. How do you feel about clay pots this is a closet grow l plan on picking a easy strain possibly auto flower you have been a great help funny thing is I have no idea what strain any of these girls are once again a big THANK YOU.
  8. I have grown out a lot of bagseed plants that were stellar... Nothing wrong with that.
    I won't hold it against you for suggesting autoflower... Only discourage it. (they destroy well bred genetics and any possibility of improving the strain).
    Each strain has a range of effect and conditions they find favorable. Often, the range is close enough that multiple seed started plants will appear identical. They aren't.
    If you find a strain that is perfect for you, an autoflower strain cannot be kept as a mother, ensuring that you have the strain constantly available. You will have to start from seed each time. I strongly suggest you learn how to keep a mother and take cuttings for your room. You will be far better off in the long run.

    Clay pots are fine as long as you recognize that they wick water to atmosphere over the entire surface area.
    Easy strains include Northern Lights, White Widow, almost any Kush among others. NL is a great strain to cut your teeth on. Very forgiving and tolerant to fuckups.
  9. I was thinking of NL for that reason really knew what strains I have they were free all popped and all were female. Should I try to flush the garbage out of the MG soil I'm using don't want to re pot during this stage I know I want end up with a good flower from this first time batch but can it be at least saved to some extent.
  10. Adjusted my lights as you suggested they were from HD local hardware and garden center like I said first time didn't have much money to work with but am saving for next go around I am so thankful for places like this and people like you.
  11. This problem isn't so bad as to stress the plants with a flush. Just water with good clean water and make sure a quarter to a half the volume of water drains out (just good practice every time you water or feed). Should only need to do this a couple of times before you can switch to a better fert. This is a gentle way to make the correction. It takes a bit longer, but I don't know the composition of your soil so can't predict what will happen if you throw 2 or 3 gallons at it.
    Expect the plants to get a bit worse during this time. They are still wanting to grow green stuff so are looking for Nitrogen. You may lose another leaf or two, but better that than set the plant back two weeks.
    If you can get your hands on some high N NUTRIENTS (not fertilizer), then you can mix up a 1/2 strength solution and spray the plants a couple times a day while you are clearing out the soil. I suppose you could mix up a concoction, but I can't advise on the recipe.
  12. Thanks again I wasn't expecting much free seeds and such but I really caught the bug when in veg the girls were absolutely beautiful it's when I went to bloom problems started to show you have been a great wealth of information and I am truly grateful I will use your advice and learn from my mistakes on the next go around I will definitely be growing NL but more than anything I really want some train wreck I had it once and it was the best medicine I could ever had hoped for thank you once again next time I will be patient and more prepared acquire the right materials and use the knowledge from my mistakes and from experienced growers like you I am truly grateful for your help and taking time out of your life to help a stranger best wishes for you and yours.

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