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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by FLjester, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. So heres my grow so far, the small one was male lets hope thats it.

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  2. the other two are over 5 feet tall and have not begun budding yet, can't wait to make some serious buds this year.
  3. nice, although i have to say, they do not look 5 feet. they look more like 2 1/2 or 3.
  4. the 1st pic is the 3 footer, trust me the rest are over 5 feet. that pic of the one towering over the other one is me standing head on with the plants taking the pics, also those leaves on the fat one are bigger than my head.
  5. 1st pic is a male. kill it. second and third i cant tell. be sure to check every time you go
  6. lol chronic its already dead i even said it was male in the first post.
  7. sry chron i didnt mean to sound like an ass in the last post.
  8. lol its cool. but how is my name chron? haha
  9. im fucked up, i meant to say canna but i said chron lol. shit sry no disrespect meant. but the plants are as tall as me and im 5 "10, ill get pics of actual height soon, my spot is a little crowded.
  10. its fine, dont worry about it. your plants are doing better than mine. ive got one thats only 3 feet and ones thats about 4.5 in full flower
    hope your grow goes well
  11. get rid of that male
  12. already have.
  13. Heres some more pics, one is the big fat one starting to flower, the other is my friend who is 6 feet tall next to the tall plant that hasn't shown sex yet.

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  14. dont kill the male in less your wanting to breed for next year! They also bud as well
  15. its not worth smoking.
  16. males definately do not bud.

    FLJester.. keep an eye on those plants.. maybe they are just growing in a good bit of shade, but they look like males.. as stretched as they are from that bottom mass.

    hope for a good harvest partner

  17. ksimms i have been removing males, the shorter one is flowering and is a very good looking girl, still at over 5 feet tall lol, the taller one is looking to be female but still not really showing sex. the shortest in their (no pics) just showed to be male today.

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