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    Ive had it for about 2-3 weeks now. Just havent been on the boards mu h as of late but I figured id share.

    its done in a cave man style, obviously. The guy running is leaving his people behind because they dont question anything or want to u derstand stuff, their just kinda stagnant. So he runs to the question mark because he does want to understand and has questions. Hes not comfortable with not knowing.

    The cave man is a bit of a representation of myself.

    should also mention a friend of mine whose wanting to be a tattoo artist did this, she been practicing for a few months now.

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  2. I really hope it's not a real tattoo ....Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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  3.'s original,so that's that.
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  4. Good to know
  5. I liked the tattoo but it could be little more attractive as per my concern.
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  6. Its there now, enjoy.
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  7. I like the meaning it holds for you :) I dig it
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  8. That is really an good one i loved the tattoo design.
  9. i love the way its tatted and the meaning, but it could have a way better location, thats a terrible location to put such tat... that would look good on your chest

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  10. I like original tattoos, so I like it. But I feel it would've been better in a different location. Maybe right above the wrist, around the ankle, shoulder blade, or even the chest.

    But it has meaning and isn't you traditional tattoo. It's cool my dude.

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