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First T-Break in 3 years..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sssSativa, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. So i've been a solid smoker for a good 4 almost 5 years now. Of those 3 i've been smoking pretty consistantly.. everyday i'd say. Me and my girlfriend have decided it's time for a break. We have agreed to stop smoking tomorrow untill April 20th. About 5 weeks. I'm curious how much higher I will actually get from this long being smoke-free? Generally when i'm stoned I just feel as if i've taken the edge off. And normally pretty hungry :smoke: I'm wanting to know if i'll have the "giggly" sensation, or have the perception everything is "lagging" in a sence, as it once did a long time ago. Comments are appreciated :)
  2. Five weeks should definitely be enough time for to completely obliterate your tolerance.

    Make sure you drink a good amount of water and get a good amount of exercise, as well.

    You'll be fucking gone. Good luck with the break. :)
  3. Drink a bunch of cranberry juice to help cleanse your body. I've done this exactly before, but I had to stop for drug tests. You'll be as high as you were your first few times after 2 or 3 hits. Your gonna enjoy yourself
  4. i was off for a month too. i worked out a lot(5 times a week) and drank plenty of water and fruit juices. kept it real simple. sweat it out a lot too.

    i was only planning a weeks break but then stretched it to a month. went out in the cold, lit the joint.i could barely finish half of it. i was on the phone with a friend and all i could do was keep telling her "how good this shit is". next thing i know my entire body is warm but my hands are cold as fuck! walked home, but couldn't stop grinning at everyone on the road. i knew i was walking silly and when reached home i sat down and got the kind of high i had when i smoked up for the first time.

    never thought id get it back. but if you really go at it you might just get to get one of the most amazing high you've got in a while after a solid break. the only bitch is maintaining your tolerance after your break.

  5. i've smoked daily for few years too and even not smoking for a day or two i notice i get higher .:rolleyes:
  6. Thats a great idea man. Ive been smoking for like 14 months straight now haha i need a break as well so from the first day of spring 3/20/12 to 4/20/12 ill take a T break. A good month span.
  7. same here, man. it's like... extremely noticable to. just 1 day of not smoking, then lighting up is like DAMN! today is day 1 of not smoking, i already want to smoke, but the outcome is too good to cave in. i'm rather excited for this break actually :)
  8. :smoke:I decided that from today i'm giving it a miss for a few weeks, we'll all see how long this lasts
  9. I haven't had a break in... almost a year? Tonight my buddy is picking up a dub that we're gonna smoke, then i'm starting my break tomorrow. Hopefully ill last till April 20th. If not, then that's too bad :smoke:
  10. So my break lasted 1 day, my friend came into college today with a nice 8th & we went on a 'location recce' & got high as fuckkkkkkkkkk :)

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