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  1. Hey guys, im gonna be getting my medical card here in a couple of days :) (yay) and i was wondering which strain(s) you would recommend as the easiest to grow for beginners...yet at the same time will manage my crohn's symptoms.

    For the record - i'm a fan of strong a strong indica would be nice to start out with (of course ill live with sativa...but i want to only have a few to begin with and work my way up)
  2. I've read numerous posts where people have suggested Northern Lights.

    I will be growing for my first time and I ordered some Northern Soul feminized seeds which is a cross breed between Northern Lights and Skunk #1. I'm pumped!
  3. Excellent, im in the PNW so the NL strain should be a good choice :)
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    NL is an excellent choice. It is hardy so good for newbies, potent, stays relatively low, takes well to training and topping techniques, and some phenotypes are low odor. And from most breeders it leans indica.

    Because of these characteristics breeders often use NL to cross with other strains to try to get some of the characteristics of that other strain (color, flavor/odor, etc) in a more "stable" genetic mix. I've grown a NLxIce that was a super-strong indica buzz, for example, and I've grown a NLxHaze that gave some of the sativa characteristics from the Haze in a nice manageable plant. So, you may want to look to some of these crosses as well.

    P.S. Also, let's not rule out bagseed. First-timers make many mistakes, and if you have some viable seeds from a decent bag then you should be able to grow out those seeds to possibly better quality than the bag they came from. Or, as a newbie you could end up killing the plant, in which case learning on "free" seeds and spending $$ on genetics down the road might be a prudent choice.

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