First stealth PC GROW test run silver haze seeds journal

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  1. Hello everyone. i am new to this forum and would like to share my grow with everyone on here. i am looking for comments and tips for my grow and would like to see what eveyone thinks.
    List of my parts:
    20'' height old pc case i found
    2 120mm 120v pc fans with speed control
    DIY hieght adjustable light fixture
    2 6500k 42 actual watt cfls
    1 5000k 26 actual watt cfl
    reflective sun shield for cars 
    Growing in FOX Farms Ocean Forest soil with the fox farms line of nutrients. I mixed 30% perlite into the fox farms and bought dolomite lime for future acidity of the soil. 
    My seeds are being germinated in paper towel for a day or two more and looks like 3 will be planted in my starter pots seen in my pictures below. i plan on doing 2 weeks of veg in these pots and will transplant the two best into one large rectangular pot.
    Thanks in advance. cant wait to get started 
    Here are some pictures of my setup!!!
    1121141400.jpg 1121141400a.jpg 1121141400b.jpg 1121141401.jpg 1121141401a.jpg 1121141401b.jpg
    IDK why the pictures uploaded rotated but ill try and correct for my next post

  2. Always wanted to see how stealth grows go, ill be following :)
  3. Will post more pictures in about a week or so when my babies break soil.

    If anyone has any tips on how to raise the humidity inside such a small space it would be much appreciated!!!

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