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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by aaronitotheburr, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. so ive been trying to grow for awhile now.
    my first seeds were soaked in water then planted in the ground
    it flooded the next day and chemicals were in the water on my spot..
    havnt even checked the place i really doubted the buds would grow
    second time let two soak in water again then planted them nothing happened
    they were in good soil to
    well i tryed another version of germinating with my next batch of seeds it was the paper towel method and it worked perfection.
    only one seed sprouted in it so far probally cause i didnt boil the water..
    but the other ones seem to trying to sprout
    anyway i plated the one sprout in the same cup of dirt i planted one of teh duds in a week ago..
    and 5 hours later i have a tiny plant lol
  2. Yeah I find that the germination with water soaking, and paper towel are too time consuming and pointless. Just put them in your soil and add water, presto !! Sprout!
  3. It takes like a day and half, that's not TOO time consuming, besides doing it that way, you don't have to wonder whether it will sprout or not, you'll know before you put it in some dirt.
  4. yeah, its just much more frustrating knowing that you were the one that prevented your sprouts from growing by drowning them in too much water. When you could easily blame the lack of sprout on nature and a crappy seed.
  5. your growing medium looks like mud man! wayyyy too much water those roots need o2 otherwise theyll rot!
  6. yeah they were really wet
    it dried out alot last night and i added like 4 drops of water today.
    hopefully the soil will dry before it hurts my plant
    btw the plant is looking really nice today
    ill probally take pics this evening when it grows a bit more

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