First solo grow ... (~150 watts CFL+150 HPS, Organic) Blackjack bagseeds

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    Grasscity helped me out alot. This is my first full effort grow, by myself.

    Bagseeds from Black Jack, and Grand Daddy Purp.
    Were mixed up in my seedbank, all plants appear the same at the moment
    3 are 10 days old, I have to seedlings also at the moment.

    Under a mixed spectrum CFLs for the moment. 2700, 5000, and 6700k
    Rougly 80 watts.

    My space is approx 2.5 X 6 X 8 feet in total, currently confined to about half of that total space . Plants are halfway up, on a grate.
    Using Growers Best potting soil. Included starter nutrients, possible threw my plants into a slight nute burn, but they seem fine.

    10 Days from sprouting. Didnt want to mess with my lights, so kind of a poor shot.



  2. lookin good, are you flowering with cfl aswell? 
    what nutes u using?
  3. For flowering I plan on adding a 150 watt HPS along with CFLs.
    Im considering asking a buddy for a larger light later, but that depends on how they proceed to grow.

    For nutes, I may go fully organic. I have already havested kelp to make a extract, which im testing on houseplants, and used it as the initial watering for one of my seedling to monitor its effects.
    I have well composted chicken shit (sitting for several years, and worked by incects ) that has been sterlized and mixed in with my soil.

    I may order some for flowering. Depends on how things go, im trying to stay simple.

    I plan on some LST and to fim the top, but im going to wait a little longer.

    Its been awfully exciting watching these babies grow.
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    At 15 days...



  5. Day 16.

    I think I rotated my plants, and added another full spectrum CFL.

    Two 26 Watt unlabeled Kelvin CFL. Looks very red.
    Two 19 Watt 6700K CFLs
    One 28 Watt 5000K CFL

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    Day 18 or 19. Watered with rainwater and a table spoon of my kelp extract per gallon. Used 2 gallons of water for all plants.


    This seedlings about a week younger than the other plants. Cannot remember. 10 Days younger?


    My 25% coffee soil seedling experiment is not worth pictures.
    Yellow colydons, red stem. No growth. Transplanted and watered with woodash water to counteract the acid of the coffee. Improvement was noticed imm
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    These pictures are from today, day 27 of veg.
    I added 2 more 21 Watt 5000K CFLs, built another hood, and added two 9 watt daylight spectrum CFLs in clamp reflectors as close to the 2 plants I believe to be females, as possible.

    That one bushy the front.



    Rear right plant...


    Have to run, will finish update tomorrow!
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    More from yesterday.


    A 3 day old seedling front center, bushy plant front left, 2nd bush to rear right, potential male in rear left.
    Happy little seedling in center


    Rejuvenated coffee seedling to the front right.

  9. Shot of the rear of what I believe to be a male, bushed out last, and had greater node distance. Been pinching and bending it around as need to avoid lights and the light hood.


    This is the darkest cornor of my grow room.

    Considering adding the HPS soon and hanging my daylight/full spectrum CFLs between my plants and to the sides.

    Light penetration and coverage is almost maxed with my CFLs.
    Shadows are beginning to invade.
  10. A shot of my plants with the hood lifted. Taken today.

  11. Thinking about ditching my CFL hood for my 150 watt HPS and use my CFLs as supplements.
    Hang them inbetween my plants and use a few clamp reflectors were I see best fit for coverage.

    My canopy is reaching its size limit for my current setup, I give it less than a week before my lighting situation suffers.
  12. Everything is looking good bro. Just keep up what you're doing. I saw your post after adding the HPS and you're on your way to a pretty good little garden there.
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    Thanks, im pretty proud of myself for what I have accomplished so far.

    Learned so much already, I am wondering what will happen the next time around and this grow isnt even over!
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    Nothing too special to report, just some rearrangement of the grow room since I added my HPS a few days ago. Also my sex parts may beginning to form on my larger plants, just little growths forming at some of my highest nodes. Also dropped my hours, now 16/8. Im hoping a slow adjustment will reduce any stretching .




  15. Discovered my strain is likely Black Jack.

    Researching to possible confirm this.

    I belive I have a female, and a male.

    My fastest growing, most bushy plant may have a ball on a stick forming.

    My smaller bushy plant is appearing to be female.

    The tallest plant I belived to be a male has no sign of sex yet.
    Its all small preflowers, so im waiting to confirm this.
  16. You got some nice growth there. Good work

    I believe plants won't sex until they've been put into flower and sometimes it takes awhile still. Not sure if you mentioned whether or not you changed the cycle yet.

    Good lick and happy growing!
  17. No I haven't, but their just barly old enough to show preflowers, and im watching patiently. Happens between 4 amd 8 weeks of age I belive.

    I have been reducing my hours slowly since I added my HPS.
    Acually throughout the whole grow, but more often last week or two. (15 minutes a day) Started on 24/7 for the first week or so. Turned it down to 20/4, then to 18/6. Im about 16/8 now.
    Hoping to reduced any kind of sudden stretch.
    I will fully begin flowering(12/12) once I know the sex of my main 3 plants.
  18. And thank you for the complement!
  19. Nothing super great to report.

    Out of my 3 plants it looks as if I have 1 male and 2 females.

    I have 3 other plants as filler.
    My abused and neglected coffee soil seedling has recovered nicly and is in fact a female.

    Another small plant appears to be female as well.

    When the lights come on, I shall report with pictures.

    I have one seedling, same bagseed as my coffee sedling, thats growing very well, but no sign of sex yet.

    I have a Blue Dream that hasnt sprouted yet, this will be my 12/12 from seed plant.

    My hours are 13/11. Will be turned down another 15 minutes today.
  20. Everything's looking solid. Keep up the good work.

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