First Smoking Apparatus (bubbler)

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  1. just got this one today. i was gonna get the cheaper one but... this just looked so nice and you might as well spend it once then twice. not sure of a name yet, maybe itll come to me soon, just thought of some: marby, flower, carrot caviar with green dots? hah reference to the marble.

    i dislike the fact that there are so many air bubbles in the marble part, but its not too much of a big deal.

    plus can you guys help me rate this bud, ive been buying from this friend for along time and only on occasion buy from others. the highs from the bud i get from him are fine, but comparing to what ive seen from everybody else it just seems subpar, maybe thats just all the dank stuff. anyway let me know, i dont mind some edu-ma-cation.

  2. sick bubbler man! that thing looks like it rips! sick buds too bro!:hello:
  3. Nice bubb. How's it hit? The bud looks alright, it would be an easier judgement if you gave us the price you paid per quantity.
  4. that's a great first piece.
  5. i just got it today and will be trying it tomorrow. it feels like theres not enough pressure even with water in it. there is a carb so that helps. well im not an expert on how much it is by looks but thats a dub ($20). ive noticed that not all people use dub. but ill get my dads scale tomorrow and check how much it is. he uses the scale to weigh bike parts not bud haha.
  6. That's a beaty, very nice bub. As far as the bud goes - it looks like some pretty good smoke. Sometimes this happens with me, maybe you are developing a tolerance to the strain? I always try to buy in variety so I never get used to one particular strain.
  7. Seems like an ok deal for $20 for that bud. Looks like 1.1-1.4 depending on density.
  8. you have good taste;)

    thats a very nice bub and some nice buds too
  9. ahh i remember my first pipe. it was a water pipe i stole form my sister after she completely forgot about it in the attic after it wasent used for 30 years lol. cleaned the 20 year old resin out of it, soaked it in some glass cleaner and good as new! only thingg was it dident have a stem so i made one out of a socket, pen shaft and some electric tape :D
  10. alright first off nice shit man, very good choice. now i have 3 questions:p 1) do bubblers make much noise when you are smoking them? 2) im getting a new device very soon, should i get a bubbler pipe or a bong, im spending about 40$ on my new device, so what should i get? 3) i just had a surgery, 3 days ago on my foot, when do you think it would be good for me to go back to smoking the ganja? any answers to any of these questions will be great:)
  11. It looks like you own a great bubbler and some good bud to smoke out of it :D
    I must say that is a great first piece, I love my bubbler to death
  12. Nice piece man.
  13. Looks like a dream bru.
  14. My first piece was an old bubbler I and friends scored from a guy at a park, its a great piece. As to the question of how much noice bubs make, its very little at all, you can easily smoke one in one room and not hear the bubble action in the next room.
  15. Looks nice bro, better than the bub I hit up every day anyhoo.
  16. thanks flowculture for answering my question man:p
  17. Certainly man, and for $40 bucks I'd say pick up a quality bubbler over a cheapy bong. Bubs can really get you ripped. Once toking mine with a two friends, one was new to my bub and after a hit or two said "I like this bubbler, but I think I'd prefer a bong" and then he took a huge rip and was left in a coughing fit, a few months later he'd picked up a bubbler himself.
  18. SICK bubbler! Bud looks pretty good too! Rep+

  19. im not sure man cause i havent used it yet, will be in a few hours though. when i was in the shop i asked the guy the difference between bong and bubbler, besides its size and method of smoking, he said the bong just allows more flow, where the bubbler is smaller and portable. this is how i made my decision, i first looked at the one that i was willing to spend money on, which was obviously the bub. the next decision was hard cause this decision involved with the designs and its like "oh this little blemish, but has a cool design" about your surgery, im not sure. but if youre feeling it take a little hit, just enough so you dont be clumsy and end up with a bigger problem.

    so ill update on how it rips either tonight or tomorrow. thanks for the good words guys!
  20. thanks alot man for answering my question, i hope your bubbler hits like champ

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