First Smoke In a While

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  1. Ahh yesterday i got half a zip for 50, not bad, ill post up pics later........but i havent smoked in like 2 years and i got ripped :D. we were all passing around the blunt and then things just got crazy, I love it how when your stoned you talk about some crazy shit, we started talkin about how computers are going to take over the world and anybody that doesnt know how to use them are just going to vanish

    Then we got the munchies and headed over to wendy' was weird in there, just a bunch of old guys sittin the dude two tables over from me seriously was putting pepper on his fries for 2 minutes straight, no shit, i was laughing so hard and finally it just got annoying i wanted to slap him over the head

    then my high was goin down and then i had to go to work.......:confused: i had to work 12 hours last night, it was miserable i couldnt sleep
  2. Haha well isnt that a horrible way to end a great time.

    When I take a T-break I want my first time to be really good and not have anything planned for the day
  3. ok this isnt all of it, but i just took some pics of what i was breaking up

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  4. Lol do i see some purp?
  5. Yes it is!.....Aww too bad I gotta wait till tomorrow to smoke it:devious: but I'm most definately looking forward to it...anyone else sit around and have this kinda crazy conversations after u toke up?
  6. Oh fuck man last time we got so high we went to the local pizza place, and we were talking bout how the fuck we got there (which all 5 of us had different routes lol) and then this cop walks in and one guy was like (really loud) "SHIT GUYS DON'T LOOK AT HIM OR ELSE HE'LL COME OVER HERE" and we were so fucked up we started laughin, and the cop walks over, and we got into dead silence. The cop says "You boys done somethin' wrong round here, you seem awfully paranoid" so I say "Well, we were just discussing how we got here, and we got lost, we need a GPS" and we talked to the cop for like 10 minutes of how amazing GPS was and how accurate it was. After that we waved him goodbye and then we lit up a bowl 2 blocks away. Then we started singing "They're taking the hobbits to Isinguard".

    To be honest, I think he knew we were high, but he was just humoring us and I think he was slightly amused of how random we were.
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    Haha that's awesome man....I think taking a random drive when I'm chiefed is awesome because I never remember how I got there but I think of crazy ways that in theory could be possible...........I get so paranoid when the I'm by the police when I'm baked but not like all fidgety just mental paranoia like one time me and my cousins were at a golden corral buffet and some cops come into eat and I start trippin in my mind that they really aren't here to eat but they are like the Gestapo and they have this hand held machine they put near your face and a loud alarm goes off that alerts them you've been smoking weed and they drag you out and beat you and ship you off to siberia........I know it's really weird

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