First shroom trip

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  1. okay so im sure theres a billion other threads like this, but i was too lazy to look.
    ive had my fair share of trips on robo, acid, and even dmt, but ive never tried shrooms, and i dont know too much about them. i picked up an eighth today and plan on sharing it with my buddy this weekend. do you guys have any advice to give? what would you recommend i do to maximize the whole experience? is a shroom trip any different than acid trips?

  2. never done acid but have robot triped and done shrooms twice first time didn't take enough and i wasn't feeling much. second time about 2 years ago i took a little over half and eight ...i ate mine with some oranges it was all gravy until my friends mom called him, which ruined the night he started telling her he was on shrooms and shit....turns into a long just my advice do it with your closest homie, turn off your phones and have a good time
    think positive

  3. yeah don't do them alone, turn your phone off.
    also, you'll think that it's going to last forever and get really paranoid and start bad tripping. you just have to remind yourself that it doesn't last and think about something else. that's what happened to me and i heard it happens to everyone.
    i took almost an eighth at this little party with all chill people and some guys were playing jazz in the basement, and me and my friend who was also tripping were laying on the floor and the beam in the ceiling was vibrating like a bass string. IT WAS SO COOL!
  4. haha that sounds awesome. thanks for the advice though guys. i always have my phone off when tripping. its kind of a buzzkill when someone calls/texts me in the middle of a trip because it kinda brings me back to reality for a second hahaha.

    have any of you had any spiritual experiences while on shrooms or no?

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