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  1. so last weekend i tried shrooms for the first time. i have been wanting to do them for a while and have had to turn down a couple opportunities in the past because of work/school. it was me and 3 good friends and one of my friends was not doing them. there was 6 gs between the 3 of us so we each took two.

    the initial bite and taste was not bad at all. people had told me that they tasted bad but i honestly thought they tasted just like regular mushrooms. after we ate them we smoked a 1.5g blunt and got a lil buzz goin:smoking:. after we smoked we walked to the nearby school and sat at a chess table and just conversed for about half an hour as they started to kick in. after about 45-1hour i really started to feel good and euphoric. unfortunetly the 2 guys i did them with, did them 2 nights before so one of my friends got really sick. he started to throw up and such but i tried not to pay attention. as we started talking more i noticed i became happy and very giggly.. from this point i knew it was gonna be an awesome trip:D. after sittin down for a while it started to rain hard so we ran back to my appt. as we were leavin a guy flew by on a little mini motorcycle and tripped me out sooo bad. i was laughin for a solid three minutes. when we got back i threw on strange wilderness. wasnt the best choice for a movie on shrroms but i just dl it and wanted to watch it till we went outside again. there were some stupid parts from the movie that i remember had me crackin up soo bad.. to the point that my entire face was wet from tears.:cry:.

    after the rain stopped we went back outside and it was foggy as hell!! the fog was so thick it looked like haze just sitting on the road. it was definetly awesome weather for shrooms because of the lights from the streetlights just penetrating the fog made it feel like you were in a club or somthing. we then ventured to the old abanded boat club which is on the ocean and walked through the woods there. the trees and bushes made me feel cozy?? idunno how to explain the feeling i got from being there but it was amazing. the woods are somewhere you have to go on shrooms i discovered. (people told me this aswell). at this point it was about 2 hrs since we ate them so we decided to go home. as we were walking home i remeber seeing some of the strongest visuals at this point. the one thing i remebered was walking on the sidewalk on a slight incline, and thinking the cracks in the sidewalk were stairs. this was one of the coolest things i saw the whole night and i was actually lifting my legs high as i was walking (said the sober friend of mine). After we got back i smoked a bowl and my friends left. I listened to some qotsa/desert sessions and had a bomb time... i ended up listening to music for like 3hrs and i couldn’t sleep till like 6 in the morning ahaha. During this time i thought about a lot of stuff goin on in my life and it really opened my eyes about the decisions id made in life and such. But the feelings i had were very positive and optimistic and all in all it was a very pleasant experience. Iforgot to mention as well that i had a slight discomfort in my stomach for most of the night from digesting the shrooms. It was nothing unbearable though and was not as bad as i was thinkin it might be.
    To sum up i had a great first experience with shrooms and i think it was due to set and setting as i was with very close friends, close to home and i went into it with the right mindset. Overall it was probly one of the best experiences i’ve had in a while and i will defnietly never forget it. Im hoping to do shrooms again sometime, but i wanna make it more of a special event so i probly wont do them again for at least half a year or so.;)
  2. That's cool to hear you started off your relationship with shrooms on a positive note. Wasn't that way for me for my first couple of trips, but I'm glad I kept coming back for more because I ended up finally having a wonderful trip complete with solid visuals for the first time which was the shit because I could focus in on them and make them more intense. Anyway I feel you on waiting and planning, I need to think about ideas for my next trip too since it's been a while and I'm looking forward to the next shroom adventure. :D
  3. I ate some shrooms for the first time yesterday and went to a conservatory aka large garden and loved it. I felt like a super hero getting powers cause all my senses were heightened. Truly enlightening experience. Aside from my darling Mary-Jane, psychedelics are the shit. Definitely doing it again. Peace.
  4. I can only hope that my first time is anything like that.

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