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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by shibby22one, Aug 2, 2011.

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    So I am sick of wasting so much money buying smoke, that I decided to start my own grow. I am going to be moving into a apartment, and this grow will be in a large walk in closet. Basic temperature without air on will be around 75.

    So first off: I ordered a Jardin Darkroom II dr90, 3x3x7, this will be here tomorrow.
    Already have: 400w digital mh/hps ballast, 400w mh bulb, 400w hps bulb, Basic reflector(no hookups for venting), timers, temp/hydro meter, some other minor things

    So my plan is to have a carbon filter ducted to a 6" duct fan exhausting out of the top of the tent. POSSIBLY a 4" duct on the bottom for intake, but I was told that may not be necessary depending on the climate my room stays outside of the tent. I am going to have a 6" oscillating fan on the inside. I am going to be growing 4 plants (undecided which, but may order some femanized seeds for the first grow.) Using all organic soils and nutrients.

    So I really need some suggestions/help on if I am going to need to upgrade to a cooltube to vent the bulbs. I am not sure if its going to get too hot in there without the bulbs being vented. With A/C running, I am wishing to keep the apartment around 68, so I am not sure how much hotter it will be inside the tent.

    Need suggestions as well on what I may be missing.

    Will start a journal with pics when I start it all up, but may be a few months. Would just like to get everything ordered to grow once I move in.


    I have read TONS of forums on grass city with set up ideas, ventilation, lighting, etc. I read journals showing what each person did to be successful. I still need help :)
  2. Keep reading son. You have lots to learn.

    For the price of a air cooled reflector, its a no brainer, and run it through to your filter

    Good luck

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