First Set Up - tips, tricks, and advice welcome!

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  1. High there guys and gals. Just posting some pics from my first indoor (apartment eek) set up. But first just some information about what I'm using.

    Clones/Seedlings - (2) 2ft T5 running 24/24
    -no ventilation but temps 74-79
    -higher humidity usually hovers 35-45%
    Vegetation - (4) 23w CFL/(2) 125w CFL w hoods running 24/24
    -(2) 6 inch fans. IN bottom right and OUT top left
    -25-37% humidity and temps range from 72-80

    I work with a partner (soon to be on my own - more secure!!!) so I do not yet have a flowering chamber. I have looked into ozone generators, carbon scrubbers, ona gel, but have not decided. I have ona gel and it works but the chemical smell is something I'd like to get away from. I have a flowering chamber ready - but no lights.

    Flowering - no lights yet (boohoo)
    -4x2x4.5 (until I have a 3x3x7ft closet to use)

    -Jack Herer, White Widow, Amstel Gold (Passion #1 now right?), Afghan Gold. Since then have picked out two mothers and have them elsewhere for the time being.

    So here's where I need help. I have a few growing pals and I can only get a straight answer from one about this, can I flower in my apartment. its 700 sq ft and its in the bedroom away from any place guests or maintenance will ever go. I have tried several times to get a tent and it doesn't ever seem to happen so I have given up and decided its better for me to learn design/creation so that I can make the most with my space.

    Question - These strains, though smelly, can be masked through a multitude of options varying from coffee, to DIY "everythings". I plan to flower in about 40 sq ft in something enclosed. So what if I had it enclosed in the closet, in the closet but outside the flowering chamber set a ozone generator. Outside closet use Ona gel in either spray wall plugs or make a 5-gallon fan container (found on GC!). When all is said and done I suppose I'll need to start with 1 plant and go from there. I take every step I can to please the apartment management and keep them off my back.

    Thank you for the read- my first post. Pictures are just a liiittle bit farther down :) thanks guys and gals

    Photos include little ones, to baby vegs, to medium age veg. Unfortunately no bud porn really here because I've yet to induce flowering lol.

    Thank everyone in advance and I can't wait to learn more!!

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  2. Subscribed.

    If I were worried about apartment management coming over from time to time, a carbon filter would be top of the list for odor control. Just my opinion.

    What kind of lights/wattage are you considering for flowering?
  3. 150 HPS SunSystem - Small enough but 16000 lumens! I think the little ones will love it. TBH I'd really like to get a 150 MH or somewhere right about there and recycle the CFLS into flowering chamber and have only MH for veg since its more blue spectrum.

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